Torquay-Anglesea on road: Sunday 14th February, 2018

Only two riders opted for the road option on the joint ride from Torquay to Anglesea – Helen (ride leader) and Mike T. (from GTC).  The route was minor roads to meet up with the Great Ocean Road about 3km from Anglesea at the Forest Road roundabout.  It was a cool January day. 

Quiet roads make for pleasant cycling, though the south-westerly wind slowed the outward trip somewhat.  The new roundabout at the Forest Road-Ocean Road intersection made the right turn much safer as traffic on the highway was heavy.  Coffee at Cafe Daniele was most welcome, though, having heard from Dave that the mountain bikers were still a long way away, it was decided not to wait (the surf coast trail people didn’t arrive till 11.27 – about an hour after the road riders).  With assistance from a strong tail wind, the return journey on the road was accomplished in around 45 minutes.

Thanks to Mike for being happy to dawdle along at the ride leader’s pace on the outward leg.  It was a most enjoyable morning’s ride.  We’re still waiting to hear the stories of the more adventurous mountain bike crew.