Welcome to the home of Cycling Geelong, a recreational cycling club established for cyclists of all abilities from beginners to experienced.

Our mission is for supportive, cooperative companionship and enjoyment of the Geelong region’s great cycling assets.

Membership subscriptions now due for 2019-2020.  Go to Members’ Area for more information.

Read a message from our President here.


Easy social ride – Every Saturday morning at 9, starting from the Balyang Sanctuary car park (Marnock Road, Newtown).

Just turn up with your helmet and bike. Suitable for all ages.  Cycling Geelong welcomes cyclists with electric bikes to the club, events and rides.

electric bike


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Happy safe riding – Cycling Geelong

News Flash


At their meeting on April 30th, 2019, the City of Geelong Council ratified Stage 1 & 2 of the Southern Link from Geelong city to Waurn Ponds, for provision of separated bicycle lanes along the recommended route.  Read more…


Cycling Geelong holds bi-monthly dinner meetings, and occasional other functions.  The Annual General Meeting is held in July each year.

140202 little creatures - river circuit on hot day

Saturday morning coffee at Little Creatures on the Barwon River ride.


The next dinner will be on Tuesday, July16th, at the Fyansford Hotel – dinner from 6pm.  This is Cycling Geelong’s Annual General Meeting.  Only financial members may vote at this meeting.  Memberships are due on July 1st.

Downloadable renewal form and nomination form for the 2019-2020 Committee are in the Members’ Area

Dinner bookings to Stephanie.

Dinner meetings are a wonderful opportunity to meet other members and we show a warm welcome our new members.

Thanks to Stephanie and Geoff who continue to do a sterling job of organising our club social evenings.


Cycling Without Age is a world-wide organisation bringing the pleasures of cycling to the aged, infirm, and those who, for any reason, cannot enjoy the experience of cycling without support.

Guide dogs can also enjoy the ride

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20 thoughts on “Home

  1. mapmyride.com is fantastic. I found it via one of your links – “Bike the Bay”.
    Always wondered what the distance is from Marshall Station to Lara Station via bike. Thankyou.

  2. So far there has only been 4 interested in the Maryborough ride.No comments as to the best month for them. Or would they like to ride the old Beechy Rail Trail From Colac & car shuttle to Beechforest,again the best time is late spring

    • So far there is about 14 interested in the Maryborough Rides. It will be on the 3rd-4th of October & leaving Friday evening.We will be staying at the Laanecoorie Lakeside Park ,
      http://www.laanecoorie.com.au Where I have booked the 4 bedroom house & a Delux Ensuite Cabin & 2 Powered van sites. They have one of the best camp Kitchens that I have seen & we may take advantage of it .I should call the Rides Cycle Central Goldfields. Day one Shuttle to Tarnagulla then bike tour around this old gold mining town,then bikes back on the trailer & go to Moliagul. We will bike around on 4 -5 KS of dirt Roads The home of the Welcome Stranger nugget & the Berth place of Dr Flynn the founder of the Flying Doctor service.Then we will bike it to Dunolly for lunch & a ride around this old gold mining town,we will have lunch here I have spoke to them at the Bakery, if we are a bit late they will hold it open for us I am to ring. After this we will ride to Bealiba its about here where my mothers parents had 640 acres during the 2nd war I used to visit as a 4-5 year old but I can’t find the exact spot.Tour around this old town,then bikes back on the trailer & head for Laanecoorie to freshen up. I am still working on day 2 I know but I want to drive it first. I will be showing some pictures & a talk at the AGM.
      Good riding Allan Marshall

  3. Staying in Portarlington 16/5 – 24/5/15. Trying to contact the Port Pedallers for a ride in the area. We are touring cyclists 25 – 27kph, any distance. Would like to join with fellow cyclists. Thanks in anticipation.

  4. Jim Day remembrance day.
    Sorry I am unable to join the ride today Sunday 15 November 2015.
    Jim was the person who introduced me to the club many years ago. He also came to my assistance when I was exhausted and dehydrated while on a club ride. I have fond memories of Jim. It is heartening to recognise him annually.

  5. Just a warning riding this afternoon bellarine rain train near wilsons rd altercation with 3 youths of bike on the ground kicked to head and face, gold necklace stolen, thanks to passers by who came to help and chased them off. Im 68 they were 16-17. I thought moving to Geelong from Tas was a good move not any more.

    • Kim
      Have you reported this to the police? I hope so. I’ll pass it on to our club members and circulate to the wider cycling community. I hope you’re not too injured, though I’m sure you’re very shaken up by this.

    • That’s really terrible Kim. Last time I rode through there, a woman who was walking asked if I could walk with her to the next street as she’d been hassled and wanted to get off the trail.

      I hope you are mending well and not too sore for too long.

    • Hi Margaret. It’s a slow social ride – probably around 16kph – be as slow as the slowest rider, with at least three stops to regroup along the way. Coffee and chat is also a part of this laid back event. We’d love to see you if this is the sort of riding you’d like to do.

  6. Dear Geelong Cycyling Club,

    Could you please advise if your publciaiton newsletter ‘Flashing pedals’ is still produced as last issue available on your site is the Aug 2016 issues.
    Kind regards,
    Kim Graham

  7. I’d love to come to your Saturdsy ride. Have they startedfor the year and what time do you generally finish?
    Cheers Izzy

    • Hi Izzy
      We’re usually finished at around 11am – or at least at the coffee shop which is only around 1km away. I look forward to meeting you on a Saturday soon. Helen

  8. Hi I’m just wondering if you still do this ride at 9 a.m on saturdays as I am interested in joining you. Thank you


    Yesterday afternoon I had an incident on the rail trail that I would like to put put out to the Geelong Cycling community as a warning.

    I was returning from Drysdale toward the rail intersection / roundabout of Carr St, Wood St and Fyans Rd Saturday afternoon at 2.15pm. A white motor scooter sped along the grass and entered the trail just ahead of me. There were 2 men around 20 yo on the scooter without helmets.
    At the end of the trail, they stopped to enter Carr St. I turned left behind them to cross the railway line though the pedestrian barrier. At this Point I had had no interaction with them.
    As I crossed the railway line via the pedestrian path, the scooter crossed the railway line via the road. The driver of the scooter saw me and started screaming abuse at me and cyclists.
    “Cyclists are fucking weak as piss when they are on their own” and yelled at me aggressively to pull over.
    Thinking it was only a verbal spray, I turned down Wood St my usual route to head toward the Barwon River. The scooter followed with the driver screaming expletives and telling me to pull over. He sped slightly ahead to release his passenger. Somehow I managed to get past the passenger and kept riding at speed down Wood St (totally deserted on a Saturday afternoon).
    The scooter then chased beside me again with only the driver yelling at me aggressively to “Fucking pull over”. I tried defusing the situation by saying “ I do not want any problems, I was just out for a ride”.
    The driver tried to punch me ( difficult from a moving scooter) , run me into the gutter and kicked the bike almost causing me to lose control. After about 300m he turned back – I thought to get his mate. Fortunately they did not return.

    I have ridden a lot on the Rail trail and seen many people skylarking on monkey bikes and trail bikes. They may be annoying but are generally not dangerous. This was a different matter as these were on a registered street scooter without helmets intending to ride on the road ( no regard for law). I think that they or the rider targeted me because I was a cyclist on my own and intended assault.

    I have reported the incident to the Geelong Police but have received no follow up yet.

    I hope that you might send this out to the cycling community as a warning to look out and beware of this scooter. They might likely target someone else.

    Regards and keep safe

    • Did you get the registration number of the scooter? Hopefully this was in your report. I’ll pass your message on to the club and also to our fellow bike clubs. In the mean time, stay safe. I do hope the police follow up on this one as it’s clearly a serious case of road rage and also assault. Also, motor scooters (and motor bikes) are not allowed on the rail trail.

  10. On reflection, I believe that this was not just a case of road rage.
    The opening abuse was that “Cyclists are as weak as piss when they were on their own” and the aggressive demand to pull over. He chased me for several hundred metres on the motor scooter trying to dislodge me by kicking the bike, punching at me and forcing me into the gutter.
    By the aggression shown, I suspect that the perpetrator may have had a previous incident with a group of cyclists. He was therefore targeting a lone cyclist with the intent of inflicting injury.
    This is why I am putting it out to the cycling community. The fact that he was unable to make me stop or knock me off the bike may make him more aggressive to injure the next cyclist when he has an opportunity.

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