All club rides are suspended until further notice, due to the need for physical distancing.

30/3/2020 – Group Activities From midnight 30/3/2020, group activities must be in groups of no more than 2 people, unless the group is from the same household.  This applies to riding groups also.  Please ride solo or with one friend, keeping a minimum of 1.5m distance between you at all times. 

People over 70y.o. are strongly advised to self-isolate at home where possible.  

Club dinners and other social gatherings are also suspended.

However, while outside exercise is still being encouraged, members should make their own decisions about how to maintain this.  Use your common sense if riding with others.

At this stage, Barwon Edge and Cafe Zoo are both still open for takeaway coffee and food, so if you happen to be riding the river path or the BRT to Drysdale, you still have the option of a refreshment break.

If you are riding with others, Cycling Australia recommends that common sense prevails.

  • Ride as least 1.5m apart
  • When stopped maintain distance from others
  • If stopping for refreshments keep equipment etc. off tables etc.

We’ll keep you updated as new information comes to hand.


Welcome to the home of Cycling Geelong, a recreational cycling club established for cyclists of all abilities from beginners to experienced.

Our mission is for supportive, cooperative companionship and enjoyment of the Geelong region’s great cycling assets.

We welcome new members.  Please click the Membership tab to complete a membership form.

Read a message from our President here.


Easy social ride – Every Saturday morning at 9, starting from the Balyang Sanctuary car park (Marnock Road, Newtown).

Just turn up with your helmet and bike. Suitable for all ages.  Cycling Geelong welcomes cyclists with electric bikes to the club, events and rides.

electric bike


Latest update

Happy safe riding – Cycling Geelong


Several weeks ago Geelong City Council narrowly voted to change the Malop Street Green Spine, removing the bike path on the northern (Corio Bay) side, and adding more parking for cars, and motor vehicle turning lanes.  The motion was carried by one vote – 6 for, 5 against.

Many Cycling Geelong members were at an initial meeting to discuss ways to have this decision reversed and keep the Green Spine in its current form, and continue as originally planned from Gheringhap Street to Eastern Park.

A second event, due to happen this Friday at City Hall, has been cancelled due to Covid-19.


I will be taking photos, and talking to pedestrians and cyclists using the Green Spine tomorrow, between around 11am and 1pm.  If you can, and would like to ride the spine during that time, it would be good to see lots of action.

Other actions to take

  • keep talking about the Green Spine – most users are positive about the current spine.  (I have SAVE OUR GREEN SPINE t-shirts – a good conversation starter.)
  • keep messaging/emailing our councilors asking them to change this decision.  (Contact details are on the Council Website).
  • Ride the Green Spine whenever you’re riding in or near Geelong’s CBD.

To date, no actual draft design exists to change the spine.  Different councilors, who voted for the motion to give more space to motor vehicles on the Green Spine, responding to individuals, have given contrary views about the reasons for this, and what will happen.  For example, one councilor says that it’s about his right to park where he likes.   Another says that no vegetation will be removed on the northern side (the original motion calls for the Spine infrastructure to stay on the southern side, but does not ).  He also stated that the southern bike path will be widened to accommodate 2-way bicycle traffic.   For this to happen, either the southern vegetation and infrastructure would be compromised, or road space would be lost to the widened bicycle path.  Either of these options would mean more disruption along both sides of the Green Spine, with a negative effect on the traders and people accessing the area.

SOCIAL EVENTS AND CLUB MEETINGS – suspended due to Covid-19

Cycling Geelong holds bi-monthly dinner meetings, and occasional other functions.  The Annual General Meeting is held in July each year.

140202 little creatures - river circuit on hot day

Saturday morning coffee at Little Creatures on the Barwon River ride.


To be advised.

Thanks to Stephanie and Geoff who continue to do a sterling job of organising our club social evenings.


Cycling Without Age is a world-wide organisation bringing the pleasures of cycling to the aged, infirm, and those who, for any reason, cannot enjoy the experience of cycling without support.

Guide dogs can also enjoy the ride

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