Combined Ride to Armstrong Creek and Freshwater Creek – 10th February, 2019

John Hagan’s Circuit to Armstrong Creek & Freshwater Creek as a Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong on Sunday 10.2.19

A good turnup of 12 riders at Sth Geelong for our ride today. However, Ron made the mistake that many of us have in the past, and that is because he had a beanie on his head had the secure feeling that he had his helmet on – unfortunately he didn’t and had to head home. In the photo below (from L to R) we have: Lindy, Peter J, Dave S (only participant from Cycling Geelong), Ian, Rolf, Heather, Ron, a new rider – Jennie, Ross and Dr Mike. Photo was taken by John and Noel made a grand return to the Club just after the photo was taken. Sunday was a good day to be heading down Barwon Heads Rd as the traffic was not as heavy as on weekdays. We followed the scenic path along Armstrong Creek and crossed the Surf Coast Highway and on to Whites Rd. Here the road had been

narrowed in the rebuilding process and was cortrolled by traffic lights. However, we were unable to trigger the green light and had to make alternative arrangements. Being a dull morning (weatherwise) The Farmer’s Place was not overcrowded and coffee service was quick. The highlight of the return trip was taking the newly completed Pipeline Track through Highton. Our total trip was just over 40km and by the time we finished the sun was just starting to peep through the clouds. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable ride.

Keep Riding, John H.

Point Henry and Moorabool Valley Chocolate – Joint Ride with GTC: Sunday 8th July, 2018

Despite bad weather (cold, wet and windy) 10 riders arrived  at Rippleside Park for this month’s Joint Ride.  The route was from Rippleside to Point Henry, then to Moorabool Valley Chocolate for refreshments before the return to Rippleside.  Riders were Helen (Ride leader – Cycling Geelong), John H (GTC), Mike (GTC), David S (CG), John M, who is a member of both clubs, Rolf (GTC), Ian (GTC), David J. (CG), Kelly (CG) and Janet, a visitor on her first ride with either club.

Rippleside Park

With a strong tail wind, the going was easy to Point Henry – marred by rubbish and glass on the road which led to a puncture for Janet, efficiently mended by experts from both groups.  Most riders braved the gravel to ride to the point.

From Point Henry the ride turned south and west – into the wind, though once in the urban area the wind was less of an issue.  A shower had a few resuming rain tops.  The riders wended their way through Moolap, Breakwater, Newtown, Geelong West and Herne Hill to arrive at Moorabool Valley Chocolate at around 11.15, where Heather of Cycling Geelong, the voice  94.7 The Pulse’s The Bicycle Show (Saturday mornings at 11am) joined them for coffee.

After various refreshments (I recommend the hot chocolate on a cold day), the group disbanded with only Kelly and Helen returning via Rippleside Park.

Thanks to all riders, John for taking photos.  We hope to see you all on next month’s joint ride.

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Ocean Grove – Joint Ride: Sunday, June 11th, 2018

Thanks to Peter for this ride report and John Hagan for the photographs.

Peter O’Brien’s Combined Ride to Groove in Ocean Grove – Sunday 10.6.17
Five riders John H , Rolf, John M, Mike and myself set off from South Geelong Station to Ocean Grove.  We left Geelong in sunshine and rode to Leopold and then onto on to  rail trail.  As we approached the Grubb Road exit of the trail the fog had set in and this made riding a bit more difficult.  Upon reaching Ocean Grove the sunshine had returned and we enjoyed coffee at the Groove. The ride back to Geelong was via thirteenth beach and Lakes Road. A very enjoyable ride.  Distance 65kms.
Peter O.


Swan Bay – Sunday 11th March, 2016

Joint Ride with Geelong Touring Cyclists

Dave Simpson led twelve cyclists from Eastern Park to Basil’s Farm via Drysdale and Swan Bay Road.  Basil’s Farm, was once a hobby farm owned by Basil Halsall, a cyclist who won the Sun Tour in 1952.  The farm today is an organic masterpiece, with cafe and huge outdoor seating area overlooking Swan Bay.  Most of the food served is either from the farm, or local area.  After a long stop for refreshments (due to Sunday business – a large number of brunch customers eating for the whole week if appeared), and with well-caffeinated legs to bolster the return, the group set off to complete the circuit via Bellarine Highway, with a split organised to allow faster riders to go ahead.  The riders today were (from L to R in the photo below): John M, Chris Hu, Helen, Rolf, Doug, Peter J, Peter O’B, Dave, Dirk, Barbara and John H. John C joined a few km into the ride.

Thanks to Dave, ride leader, and John Hagan for the photos and map.

Geelong Circuit – Joint ride with GTC: Sunday, 18th February, 2018

This ride was led by Ross G. from Geelong Touring Cyclists.  Unfortunately, there was only one representative from Cycling Geelong, for this most enjoyable and easy circuit ride.  Thanks to Ross for leading this ride and to all riders for their friendliness and good company.

Thanks to Ross for this report:

Ross’ Circuit of Geelong leading the Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong – Sunday 18.2.18
A good ride leader plans the ride route carefully and does their best to ensure there are no unexpected road works or other impediments or interruptions that might impact on the safety and enjoyment of the ride participants.  Unfortunately, today’s ride leader showed himself to be particularly inept in that regard, not realising there was a major event, a triathlon, happening along the planned route.  Luckily some of the ride participants do read the local papers and listen to the local radio so we set out knowing there might be quite a few detours along the way.  Helen (representing CG), Marion, Peter J, Marie, Geoff, Chris Hu and Ross managed to skirt the triathlon mainly due to Helen’s detailed knowledge of the back streets of Drumcondra. We did get to see some very pleasant suburban streets and a heritage listed concrete road along the way.  Eventually we found our way back on to the “planned” route, heading out along the bay before turning up Plantation Road and detouring around the closed section of the Ted Wilson path (which also came as a surprise to the ride leader) before regaining the bike trail. Definitely a squeeze for some getting through the partially open barriers at the Church Street exit, then continuing on to Cementies Hill (aka Hyland Street) where some of the group stopped for a close look at the silo murals, before the big run down the hill and a right turn up to the paper mills where we were greeted by a camera-wielding John H (in civvies after already having completed his early morning ride).  Luckily, the Doors Gallery Café owner had already had his first coffee of the day and was able to produce our orders in reasonable time, encouraged and ably assisted by Peter J’s waiter service.  After a leisurely break, we parted company with John, heading back along the river path, dropping people as we passed their exits. A great riding day.
A great riding day. Thanks to all for their company. Ross.

Photos:  John H, Helen L

Torquay-Anglesea on road: Sunday 14th February, 2018

Only two riders opted for the road option on the joint ride from Torquay to Anglesea – Helen (ride leader) and Mike T. (from GTC).  The route was minor roads to meet up with the Great Ocean Road about 3km from Anglesea at the Forest Road roundabout.  It was a cool January day. 

Quiet roads make for pleasant cycling, though the south-westerly wind slowed the outward trip somewhat.  The new roundabout at the Forest Road-Ocean Road intersection made the right turn much safer as traffic on the highway was heavy.  Coffee at Cafe Daniele was most welcome, though, having heard from Dave that the mountain bikers were still a long way away, it was decided not to wait (the surf coast trail people didn’t arrive till 11.27 – about an hour after the road riders).  With assistance from a strong tail wind, the return journey on the road was accomplished in around 45 minutes.

Thanks to Mike for being happy to dawdle along at the ride leader’s pace on the outward leg.  It was a most enjoyable morning’s ride.  We’re still waiting to hear the stories of the more adventurous mountain bike crew.

Portarlington – combined ride: Sunday10th September, 2017

Combined Ride with Cycling Geelong to Jack Rabbit near Drysdale on Sunday 10.9.17
As we assembled for our ride today at the ‘Park N’ Ride’ carpark near the Botanical Gardens we were drawn in by the beautiful scenery on this sunny Sunday morning. The Crimson Rosellas were in the tree besides us so I snapped a few shots. David Simpson from Cycling Geelong led the group of 13 riders from both clubs out along the Portarlington Rd to the House of Jack Rabbit Cafe just past Drysdale. The views were even better there and we enjoyed coffee out on the patio with Corio Bay stretching in the sunshine almost to the You Yangs. Our return tip was via Portarlington, St Leonards, Swan Bay Rd and the Bellarine Highway. From Cycling Geelong we had David Simpson, Linton, Brigid, Doug and Richard and from GTC Pam, Marie, Lyn G, Ben, Chris Hume, Chris Halpin, Mike T, and John H. We covered approximately 90km on our lap of the Bellarine Peninsula

Keep Riding, John Hagan.

Torquay to Anglesea: Joint ride 9th July, 2017

It was cold and windy with the probability of rain.  Who would be silly enough to get themselves to Torquay to ride to Anglesea – especially as one of the options was a potentially difficult mountain bike course?

There were already several bikes lined up outside the ice-creamery in Torquay, including John’s recumbent.  (John had ridden down from Belmont so was the only cyclist not complaining of the cold.)  More cars appeared with a pre-dominance of knobbly tyred mountain bikes.

By 8.30 there were 11 riders for the mountain bike route, led by Dave S, and 6 riding the road circuit, led by Helen.

After the mandatory group photo, the cyclists set off in opposite directions.  The road group consisted of John H, Barbara, Andrea, Fiona, Ben and Helen.  John was delegated as tail-ender (swapping positions with Helen for the downhill sections: if you’re fast on the descents, flaunt it).

The road route headed west to Forest Road, then headed south west to Anglesea. 

With a strong cold head wind, the first 18km were trying, as the road riders struggled up Darian Road, across to Coombes/Hendy Main/Sharps Roads, finally turning out of the wind for a beautiful quiet ride along Forest Road.  This was followed by a fast downhill into Anglesea.

Coffee at Caffe Daniele  was most welcome.

Within around 20 minutes, 11 elated mountain bikers appeared, looking fit and strong.   More coffee and refreshments were consumed before the return.  Dave quietly mentioned that he had a ‘secret’ return route for the mountain bikers. (See Dave’s report.)

The road group headed off up the long hill out of Anglesea, somewhat assisted by the tail wind.  This hill is deceptively difficult as it’s never too steep, and has several sections of respite.  After regrouping near Forest Road, the return to Torquay was easy, despite the heavy Sunday traffic.  Fiona and Ben had discovered a safe off-road route behind the caravan path and past the surf club to avoid the fast two-lane roundabout right turn.

The sunshine had disappeared and dark clouds threatened as the road riders disbanded.  John set off back on Horseshoe Bend road for home.  There was time for a coffee and chat in the warm of the Beachfront Cafe, before the bright-eyed mountain bikers appeared once more.

Thanks to the ride leaders, tail-enders and all riders, this experiment in dual-mode joint rides for the two clubs was a resounding success.

Geelong Tour – Joint Ride with Geelong Touring Cyclists: Sunday 11th June, 2017

Thanks to Peter O’Brien, ride leader, for this report and to John Hagan for the photos.

Loop of Geelong led by Peter O’Brien on Sunday 11.6.17
It was freezing cold this morning when David I, Chris Hume, John H, Geoff, Heather, Harry, Mike, David Simpson (Geelong Cycling) and I headed off on a scenic tour around Geelong.  We left the South Geelong Railway Station and pedalled to the beach front taking in the fabulous views of Corio Bay. We rode to St Georges Road, North Shore, then along Cox Road up the Ted Wilson Trail entrance on Anakie Road.  David I left us at this point and continued up the Anakie hill – we were later to find out he then went straight home for breakfast.  We rode along the trail to Church Street, then down to Minerva Road for a coffee stop at the Soft Cafe.

After the break we rode to Queens Park Road.  This time we adhered to the road rules and crossed the bridge on the walking-cycling section rather than the actual road crossing.  The ride up and down Scenic Road provided great views of Geelong.  With the hills conquered, we pedalled our way through Wandana Heights onto a bike path through to Pigdons Road.  We weaved our way down to another bike path just past the Colac Ring Road roundabout.  At this point Chris departed to head to Moriac as he wanted to get some extra kilometres under his belt.  The rest of us proceeded to Baanip Boulevard and then meandered our way back to Geelong.