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Cycling Geelong Christmas Party

Cycling Geelong Christmas Party

Around 40 members and friends attended last night’s Christmas function at the Belmont Hotel.  There was lots of chatter and laughter, a little music supplied by Tina, Joy and the band of trusty ukulele players, and, as Santa was off riding his sleigh somewhere, the Good Christmas Fairy (AKA Heather) took on the role of gift giving for Kris Kringle.

It was wonderful to see a wide range of members, both new and older.  Thanks to Stephanie for her sterling work in organising social functions throughout the year.

If any members have photos of last night’s event, please send them to Helen so they can be added to this report.

In the interim, apologies for the quality of these mobile phone shots taken in poor light.

Jingle Bells (Cycling version)

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Cyclists on the roam

Oh what fun it is to ride when it’s downhill coming home.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Cyclists on the track

Oh what fun it is to ride with a tail wind coming back.


John is out the front, with David on his wheel,

Not far back is Kellie Rowe with Margy Mac at heel.

Allan’s next to Rod, who’ll tell us all a tale

Of just how far we’ve come since bikes were first made and for sale.


Tina’s puffing hard, ‘I need a coffee break!’

Dirk and Barbara stop their bikes for latte, chat and cake,

Magpies on the swoop, Paul’s helmet’s all a-spike

Shane’s spinning past on tiny wheels – now that’s a snazzy bike.  OH!


George’s eyes a-shine, he dreams of rides outback

Bush flies, punctures, mud and dust then sleeping on the track.

Geoff and Stephy save to cycle overseas

While puffing hard up Highton’s hills is hard upon their knees.


More Book Reviews from Coralie

More Book Reviews from Coralie

The wooden bicycle around the world

By Kiriakos Iosifidis

Images: Melbourne, Victoria, 2017

Bicycles built from wood – some entirely, some have parts made of wood (we’ve all sat on a seat which feels like wood) or bamboo. Splendid photography. And great names for the bike companies – Woody, Bentwood, Ligneous, Beams, Sylvan, etc.  I’ve seen a number of wooden bikes overseas – on the road and in museums. The book shows how wood – still used in bikes in the 1950s – and bamboo are being developed as durable, user friendly and aesthetically appealing bicycle materials (I’m yet to be convinced about the user friendliness of wooden seats).

Photos taken by Coralie

The pain-free cyclist: conquer injury & find your cycling nirvana.

By Matt Rabin & Robert Hicks

London: Bloomsbury Sport, 2015.

Prevention : treatment : rehab.

What do you do if you get injured? Rest? Continue to ride? This book addresses these questions as there is a need to avoid further complications and further injuries. The book is divided in to four sections: preparation, injuries, rehab and ailments. Yes, there’s plenty of information on hips.

Bicycling maximum overload for cyclists: a radical strength-based program for improved speed and endurance in half the time

Jacques DeVore and Roy M. Wallack

Rodale: New York, 2017

A training program aimed at increasing ‘cycling speed, athletic longevity and over-all health’ in half the training time. Instead of improving endurance by riding longer distances, the authors teach how to do it by reducing riding time while adding heavy strength and power training. The authors claim that a 40 minute workout once or twice a week can replace a long day in the saddle and lead to better results.


Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Thanks to Geoff Andrews for this report.

A few weeks ago Stephanie attended a Trefoil Guild  ( ex Girl Guides ) State Gathering in Wangaratta for a few days. She really enjoyed her time and catching up with 97 other members from all over Vic, including 8 ladies  from Geelong. It was a great opportunity for both of us to take our bikes and ride some of the Rail Trails. We stayed with our friends in Wang  for a few days and also at a local motel in Wangaratta.  The weather was perfect not hot, vivid blue sky and no wind for the 10 days away !

Amongst the many rides we did was  part of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail from Bowser  (5kms from Wangaratta ) to Everton and back 46 kms in ideal conditions.

On the trail we met only 6 cyclists, saw a tortoise, an Echidna,  and a deer running with us amongst the trees for 5 minutes. We were patient when a herd of  cattle crossed the rail trail near Tarrawingee.

The trail from Everton to Beechworth was a steady climb ( about 400 metres ) on a beautiful late spring day. All the trails are kept in perfect condition in this part of the North East. We even went back and did it again a few days later ! 15 kms up and back

The roads to Springhurst (near Chiltern ) had light farm traffic which was always considerate of cyclists and the surface so easy to ride on with no potholes or ruts anywhere. It was a pleasure to ride them and so wide compared to some of the roads in and around Geelong!

The ride on the cycle  path to Milawa from Wangaratta and back saw many other cyclists, 30 km return I think a few of them popped into Brown Bros to sample some of their magnificent reds whilst in the area. Why not !

We spent a  few days in Bright riding to Myrtleford and back about 60kms also we rode out to Harrietville via Smoko and back 35 kms.


Goldfields Ride 2018

Allan Marshall is once again planning a ride in the goldfields area on Grand Final weekend 2018.   This time the group will be based at St Arnaud.

Accommodation will be at the St Arnaud Caravan Park, which has powered and unpowered sites and cabins that sleep 4 people.  9cf20b_a197812454cb46d2bd2d24c16c002f35mv2

As this will be a very busy weekend, please contact Allan as soon as possible if you are planning on attending, so accommodation can be pre-booked.


St Arnaud town view