Ted Wilson Memorial Ride – 7th August 2022

10 riders gathered at Rippleside Park on a beautiful sunny winter’s morning – Kevin, Richard, David J, Dave S, Hermann, Doug, Keith, Ivan, Bill & myself.

I gave each rider a sprig of rosemary in remembrance of Ted. I also had some printed information for those who didn’t know Ted (see below .. Who is Ted Wilson?).

We headed north along the Bay Trail and picked up the Ted Wilson Trail at Broderick Road, Corio. Keith had an incident with a broken spoke but that didn’t stop him riding with a buckled wheel and against the front brake! The uphill section at Bell Post Hill is bad enough at the best of times .. Well done Keith!

Coffee was at Soft Café in Minerva Road, Herne Hill. A number of riders went in their own directions after coffee because of commitments. The ride continued along the Gabrielle Blythe Trail, then through Geelong West to the CBD along the western link cycling route.

A wonderful way to remember and honour Ted.

Maree Burn

Grampians Rail Trail – Stephanie and Geoff’s cycling adventures – July 2022

Thanks to Geoff for these photos and report.

Stephanie & I have returned after a few wonderful days riding a new found Rail Trail.

The scenic route from Stawell towards Halls Gap was very  easy on an excellent surface.with lovely scenery & with lots of bird life along the trail.

Our weather was perfect, no wind or drizzle  but a bit chilly early in the day.


Geelong Circuit Ride – Sunday 22 May, 2022

Thanks to Robert Turnour, Ride leader for this report and photos.

Following lunch for a few of us, at the Botanical Gardens Tea House, we met up with the remainder of the group of 10 riders to head off on our Geelong Circuit Ride at 1.15pm. The weather had stabilised and warmed a little on what could have been a fairly cool day.

From the meeting point, at the north side of the Botanical Gardens, we made our way to Malop Street to cycle the east / west bike route to Gheringhap Street. It was great to be able to use this designated bike route; a first time for some in our group of riders.

Gheringhap Street led us onto Western Beach Road as we made our way around to and through Rippleside Park. We then made our way around to the Margaret Street overpass and some back Streets to then pick up the Tom McKean Trail from Douro Street. The Trail eventually got us down onto the River Trail at Fyansford.

Following a coffee break, at the lovely venue of Queens Cafe/Bar at Queens Park, we followed the River around to Moorabool Street where we made our way back to Malop Street on the newly constructed bicycle route. We returned to the Botanical Gardens via Malop Street having enjoyed an adventurous circuit route of Geelong with a group of friendly people.

The Ride was rated easy and had a length of 25ks.

It turned out to be an enjoyable afternoon. I am hoping to do another one fairly soon.

Robert Turnour, Ride Leader.

Capitol City Trail – Melbourne, 10th April, 2022

Thanks to Robert for this report and photos.

Five of us set off on a VLine Service to Melbourne on Sunday 10 April, arriving at Southern Cross Station about 12.38pm. By 1.00pm we were on our way heading down Spencer Street to the Yarra where we picked up the trail beside the River heading east to our lunch destination at Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford.

The Yarra Trail is a lovely ride meandering beside the River with many beautiful, peaceful scenes.

We arrived at the Convent Bakery at Abbotsford Convent about 2.20 and enjoyed a light lunch or snack and a bit of a rest.

Following lunch, we cycled up river to Dwights Falls where we enjoyed the lovely scenery. From there we made our way north to Rushall Station then cycling west past Royal Park Station and onto the Trail beside Moonee Ponds Creek which brought us back into Docklands and to Southern Cross Station.

It was a beautiful Autumn Day to be out cycling with good company.

Capitol City Trail – Tuesday 21st December, 2021

Thanks to Robert, ride leader, for this report and photos.

City Ride – Capitol City Trail alternative

Tuesday 21 December presented a beautiful summer morning for Kevin, Lynton, Margy, Jeff and I to catch the Geelong Flyer into Victoria Harbour for the start of a City Ride; the first one I had been able to run for quite some time. Tina had planned to join us but was unable to on the day due to ill health.

To make use of the 9 hours we had between Ferries the plan was to make our way to Footscray followed by Williamstown, Altona, Footscray, Maribrynong, Port Melbourne then back to Victoria Harbour, Docklands, for the trip back to Geelong.

Construction, as part of the Westgate Tunnels system could be seen as we cycled the path adjacent to Footscray Road. Turning left over the Maribrynong River took us onto the paths that lead to Williamstown. Once under the Westgate Bridge more peaceful cycling was experienced as the path moved away from roads that can carry a lot of traffic.

We made our way to Williamstown Beach via the track that follows the coast. A lot of beautiful seaside scenery can be enjoyed along this section. We enjoyed a break and refreshments at a Cafe at Williamson Beach where children and families were starting to gather for a day’s beachside activities.

Following morning tea we continue onto a lovely Park at Altona Beach. There is a beautiful Moreton Bay Fig Tree in the Park. The route to the Park had been great cycling on excellent paths that weren’t heavily trafficked and wound the way through wetland parks and by the seaside.

After a break and, for some of us, a check out of the local market that is held on Tuesdays we began making our way north towards Maribrynong. This leg of the route was largely uncharted by me. We cycled Millers Road before being able to pick up a bike path along Kororoit Creek where we found our way to Greive Parade, on which we crossed over the Westgate Freeway.

From there we rode a few back streets eventually finding a service road adjacent to the old Geelong Road. Riding this we got to the West Footscray Station where we were able to use the ramps to cross to the north side of the railway line. Yours truly had the idea of having lunch at the Cafe at the Western Bulldog’s Head Quarters, which was close to the Station. Unfortunately it wasn’t open. This led us on a search for a Cafe which we eventually found in Barkley Street, West Footscray. We were all a little frayed by this time and in need of some food, fluid and rest; which we found at the Cafe.

At this time it was realised by one of the group that a backpack had been left in the Park at Altona Beach. After enjoying a refreshing lunch and reporting the lost bag to Police it was decided that one of us would cycle back to the Park to see if the Backpack was still there while the remainder of the group made their way back to the Maribrynong River and, eventually, back to Docklands. This all took place. The good news is that the Backpack was still where it was left, on a seat in the rotunda at the Park. How good was that!

Eventually we all met up back at Victory Harbour for the trip back to Geelong on the Ferry, which was a great experience in spite of some rolling waves in the middle of the Bay that rocked the boat a bit.

Hopefully, a few more City Rides can take place over coming months.


Ride Leader.

Red Rock Ride – Sunday November 28th, 2021

Thanks to Allan Marshall, ride leader, for this report and ride photo.

We left Bunnings Carpark on time with 12 trusty riders and had a good clear run to Colac arrived there before 9 30 am. We let Simon in the Routley’s Bakery know that we had arrived.

When we unloaded the bikes Peter Baker introduced me to a chap from the Colac Herald, he took quite a few pictures & asked me quite a few questions but got my age wrong. I did mention that we had a rider 85 years old.

Again, we got away on time we all stayed together around Lake Colac to the Princes Highway roundabout .(By the way this roundabout & its entry points have no consideration for Cyclist whatsoever. VicRoads will hear from me about this.)

Article from the Colac Herald (thanks to Peter for arranging this,)

I told the five 70 k riders to go on from here. Surprise! Surprise! They found a new coffee shop in Beeac, so in the end the 50km riders joined them as we were making good time.

After topping up with drinks and toilet stop the 2 rides went their separate ways. When the eight 50k riders came to the crossroads 3km from Alvie we rang Dirk only to find they were about 5km back, so we decided to push on. We arrived back at the trailer ahead of time.

50km riders (photo – Allan M)

I let Simon at Routley’s know we had arrived back. He warned us to get our orders in as food was running out fast. I don’t know how many small pies he gave away to the rest of us but he gave me two, Kelly one I hope we can give this business a card of appreciation at some time.

The weather was fine some of us got sunburnt through the helmet grooves – the worst of getting old. We all arrived back at Bunnings safe and sound with the only complaint was Hermann is too afraid to use a bit of power on the flat stretches.

Let’s do it again next year I might ad a little twist to the long ride & maybe the short one as well. The total riders were 13.

I hope to see you all back next year Ride leader Allan Marshall

Cycling Geelong Christmas Party – Tuesday, 7th December, 2021

After two years of interrupted rides, and cancelled social events, there was a wonderful turn-out for the annual Christmas party, in the Hyland Room at Fyansford Hotel. It was a gathering of old and new friends – some appeared new, scrubbed up and without the bike gear, but turned out to be old pedalling-mates.

Stephanie and Geoff turned on the Christmas bling once again, with splendidly decorated tables, including crackers (complete with silly hats and ‘dad’ jokes) and tinsel. Santa turned up very cycle-safe with lights flashing. However, the Christmas present (from Mrs Santa?) proved un-rideable – as it appeared to have only one wheel, and no handle-bars. The machine was field-tested by David Salamy and President Kevin (with support from Bill and Dirk) but pronounced impossible! Santa will clearly need to take uni-cycle lessons before next year.

As ever the annual Kris Kringle was welcomed with great gusto – though there were one or two awarded the ‘naughty’ prize. (Luckily, Santa being environmentally conscious, left the coal lumps in the ground where they belong.)

On a more serious note, those present marked the tragic loss of our long-standing member and friend, Peter Smith, with a minute’s silence. David Jones talked of Peter’s friendship and contribution to the club.

Peter and Swee Smith joined Cycling Geelong in 2005. They quickly became involved in regular rides, leading many, including the very popular post-Christmas rides along the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail. Peter (ably supported by Swee) took on the editorship of Flashing Pedals (the club newsletter). Peter was Cycling Geelong President from 2014 to 2016. Illness had stopped Peter cycling on group rides for some years, but his delight in the new-found pleasure of e-bike riding meant that he was once again able to ride with friends. He is sadly missed by his friends at Cycling Geelong. Our condolences to Swee and family.

David Jones remembers Peter Smith

It is fitting that the President’s Award, first awarded in 2018, was made and donated to the club by Peter Smith.

This year President Kevin awarded the trophy to Helen Lyth (President 2018-2021) for her contribution to the club over many years.

President Kevin awards the President’s Award to Helen Lyth (immediate past- President)

We wish all members, and their families, a very happy and safe Christmas season. (Naturally, our regular rides continue without pause over the season – what better way to exercise off the Christmas pudding.) Watch out for Santa trying out his uni-cycle, e-bike, recumbent, racer or maybe behind the reins of his sleigh.

Geoff took over the mike to award his lovely wife Stephanie flowers for her wonderful contribution as Social Secretary. (President’s Award in the background.)

Thanks to Rosemary for photos