Skipton – Linton via Skipton – Ballarat Rail Trail: It’s not too late to ride…

Skipton-Linton-Skipton – Sunday, April 24th

160417 Skipton-Linton-SkiptonPerfect weather is predicted for this beautiful ride along the rail trail  (21C, sunshine, light winds).  Stella reports from her reconnaissance ride yesterday:

The drive to Skipton takes about 1 and a half hours but easy drive and quiet roads.  (Drive to Bannockburn and then direct road to Skipton.)

Meet by the main shops  in  Skipton at 9:30 (map below).    Yesterday, when Coralie and I rode the track we found a new coffee shop in Skipton!  Great cafe only opens at 9 30 on Sunday but there will be time for coffee if people so wish.

The track is in very good condition and today it was a beautiful ride there and back  Very clear views  and quiet wooded areas  AND  kangaroos kept us company  in some areas !

 I’m so looking forward to seeing  the ones who have indicated they will be riding.  Any one else who would like to join us – you are welcome. 

 Please let Stella know if you’re coming.  (Phone 52297132 or 0424798665)

We are able to share and arrange some  transport there  and  back !

Skipton 17 with kangaroos


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