Heritage Ride to Lara: Sunday, April 17th, 2016

The National Trust Heritage Festival was born in Geelong some years ago from the work of Jennifer Bantow and she was present at the start of this ride to Lara.  Osborne House in North Geelong was our point of  departure.  A good group of 16 souls including one high bicycle rider (to add real period colour all along the way) headed down the Hovell’s Creek trail past the Grammar School.  Noted features on the ride were Osborne House, the former International Harvester site and the school.  An accident mid way, a fall, a chance meeting with a friend to convey the rider to the hospital and a friendly couple to transport bikes back to base highlighted the good samaritans who tell us there is much goodness in people.

A lovely letter from a visitor tells of the spirit of the ride and the people who made it that way.


At Osborne House

At Moorpanyul Park, North Shore

Limeburners Lagoon

At Millars for coffee

Downhill glide, Corio

Editor’s Note:  Thanks Rod for, once again, leading this ride, and allowing Cycling Geelong to take part in the National Trust Heritage Festival.

Faye, our injured rider, had her badly broken finger reset last night, and is home and ‘ironing with one hand’.  We look forward to seeing Faye and husband Ken on their bikes again soon.

Addition – Excerpt from a letter to Rod from Murray (our penny-farthing rider):

Greetings Rod,

Just a note of thanks for leading a great ride.
I really enjoyed the day, the company, and particularly you sharing your wealth of knowledge regards cycling and history of Geelong and surrounds.
I regarded it a privilege as a non-member to be included, with such a wonderful group of velocipede (fast feet) enthusiasts.

I  trust that the lady who came to grief is now well on her way to recovery?
I would like to remain in touch, and as my daughter lives in Geelong, I would have more than one reason to visit your interesting City!

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