Skipton- Nimmon’s Bridge: Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Thanks to Barbara for this report and Barbara and Dirk for leading this wonderful rail trail ride.  Photos by Barbara and Dave.

Sunday dawned foggy and calm. Club members set off early from Geelong by car with hopes of the fog clearing as we neared Skipton.  It looked like Dirk and Barbara, Helen and Dave S were the only riders that braved the foggy and cool conditions outside the Skipton Garage.  Time was still 5 minutes early but we were eager to set off as it was a little chilly.  No sooner that we had decided to set off, when along came Richard and Denise swelling our numbers by two.

After setting up their bikes we posed for a new shot including our new arrivals. The band of riders set off towards the rail trail. A friendly local pointed us in the right direction and we were off. The track looked newly graded so some parts were loose and soft. Helen on her trusty bike Friday decided the riding conditions did not suit her so decided to return to the car.  We were not to know that the track conditions would improve after 1 km but discretion is always best when you don’t feel secure on your bike.

The fog slowly cleared and the views were wonderful. Some local flora and fauna kept us entertained as we cycled through the countryside.  Our first stop was at Pittong to look at a rest stop/chalet available for overnight stays next to a kaolin mine; the white clay is used for porcelain. Once we left we rode through sheep country and rolling farmland.

The decent to Linton was a buzz as little effort was needed to cover quite a long stretch of km’s through the state forest giving the legs a welcome rest.

Once we arrived in Linton Richard led the way turning right heading into the little township. A Great café tucked into a quaint old cottage on the right side of the main road just past the antique shop. The service was very friendly and food was yummy. Locals remembered Richard from a previous visit well over a year ago.

After refreshments we cycled back to the rail trail and continued on to the Nimmons Bridge. Where we stopped to chat to some other tourists standing on the bridge while Dave and Dirk cycled down the track to the Valley below to get a shot of the trestles.  The valley views were beautiful in the clear autumn sunshine.

Sadly we had to leave as time was marching on. We decided to return to our café for lunch. The café menu looked really good and the food didn’t disappoint. Everyone enjoyed their food and great coffee. The locals were very friendly and welcoming.

With tummies full we tackled the return journey to Skipton. The riding was easy and lots of freewheeling as the track slowly descended to Skipton.

A great ride! Well worth the effort of leaving Geelong early for the 9 am start.

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