A CBD with a difference – Oslo goes car free

By 2019 the centre of Oslo, Norway’s capital city, will be car free.  This is despite a less than equitable climate.

This photograph is from Copenhagen – even in winter, there is a cycling culture.   The data shown is cyclist numbers – for the day and the year to date (January 29th).

For the full report go to http://mobile.news.com.au/technology/innovation/oslo-declared-it-will-become-the-first-major-city-to-ban-cars-in-its-city-centre/story-fnjwucvh-1227578877328

Scroll down the page to watch an excellent video about how Paris made its bike share program the most successful in the world.  It’s worth watching to the end to see how Paris did a trade off with an advertising company to provide the system, to see the mobile bike repair barge on the Seine and to see thousands of roller bladers taking over the city streets and night.

The video is also on You Tube

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