Cycling Geelong at North Geelong Better Block: CAN YOU HELP?

Better Blocks are events to promote sustainability and livability in our local communities, and to promote community spirit.

Cycling Geelong will be part of the North Geelong Better Block, to be held on Saturday, March 15th, from 11am to 3 pm, at Labuan Square, North Shore.

Our presence will be to promote cycling.  We’ll have our banner, flyers, and, if we can get enough members to help, run at least one short bike ride for participants.  Some of us will also offer basic bike maintenance – e.g. puncture repairs and chain lube.

It should be a lot of fun – and it’s a way to support cyclists in our ‘battered, but still standing’ north.

There will be healthy food, safe cycling & pedestrian areas, edible gardens, community groups, local shops, pop-up businesses and sustainable living.

If you can help by giving an hour or more of your time, please let us know.  Contact Helen – or phone 52786058.

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