Werribee Circuit Ride Sunday 5 Oct 2014

Werribee is the place you wiz past when going to and from Melbourne. Since my daughter and son-in-law moved to Werribee I have had an opportunity to ride on some of the Werribee bike trails. The Werribee River bike trail impressed me so I devised a ride to share the trail with club members.

This was a ride with a few starting options to consider as well as the start of daylight saving to remember.

Kelly and Ric rode to the Caltex service station from home while Shane and Rod met at Rippleside and also rode to the service station. All made good time due to the wind assistance, Kelly and Ric averaging 31km/h.

Rosemary, Stella, Trish Mackenzie and the ride leaders drove to the service station.

Leaving the service station at 10:30m it was a 2.5km ride along the freeway to the start of the Werribee River trail. The trail with birds singing and wind rustling the river gums leaves was a pleasant change from the noise of the freeway traffic. The trail meanders along the river under bridges and pops up on the road beside the railway station.

The Geelong train arrived on time at 11:00am with Sandra, Tricia and David Fisher on board. So all of the 13 riders were together to hear a short history of the area from the ride leader as well as advice on the trail ahead.

Then off again on the ride around the looping elevated trail and along the river.   Further along, the trail follows the expansive linear park with residences on the right and the river with the red river gums on the left.     Past Heaths Road the ride leader’s daughter Meredith with baby Niamh, Sheltie dogs Maisie and Angus met the riders for a brief chat.

At the end of the river trail the riders followed Hogans Road to the coffee stop at the shopping centre at Derrimut Road.

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On setting off again at 12:30pm it was a short ride to the start of a reserve trail leading to the Federation Trail, along Skeleton Creek.   Due to an absence of direction signs it is easy to go off course past Bellbridge Drive in the large park area at Skeleton Creek with its many trails. The map of the ride, I have included, has information on where to turn right.

The trail follows Skeleton Creek then, the railway and the crossing to Hoopers Lane.   Leaving Hoopers Lane the trail follows along the freeway and back to the Werribee River Trail. Here the groups separated to go to either the Caltex Service station via the freeway or to the Werribee station to catch the 2:25pm Geelong Train.

This was a pleasant ride of 32km in perfect weather with a variety of scenery.

Werribee Circuit Trail -2