Barwon Heads – Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Despite the lack of a ride leader, five cyclists arrived at South Barwon Reserve to ride.  Barwon Heads was decided as the destination, and John M designated leader – a role he accomplished with aplomb.  The others were David J, Russ, Helen and visitor Carla.

John set off at a good pace down Barwon Heads Road, despite a reasonably strong south-westerly wind.  The wind assisted the ride to Barwon Heads along Thirteenth Beach.  The group arrived before the ‘brunch rush’ at The Heads.

The return was via the same route.  John led all the way, allowing the rest to draft against the westerly, and making sure that the above 22kph average was retained.

Thanks to John for leading this most enjoyable ride, and welcome to Carla.  We hope you’ll ride with Cycling Geelong often while you’re in Geelong.

160228 Barwon Heads

On Ya Bike 4 – Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2014

This ride started with the promise of excellent weather, and it did not disappoint as the morning progressed. The 18 riders departed from the South Barwon Reserve and headed out along Barwon Heads road with the assistance of a light wind. The group spaced out a little with a regrouping after passing by the Warralilly Estate and turning into Lake Road. The only hiccup along this section was a dropped chain which was quickly returned to its proper position.

The group then progressed on to Staceys Rd and regrouped again just over Barwon Heads Rd. The ride then continued on to the Wind Turbine and progressed along 13th Beach Rd. The ride along 13th Beach Rd was truly wonderful with smallish waves rolling in under the blue sky overhead.  John Hagan who was again the official photographer, took up position along here to capture some photos of the riders.

The Barwon Heads Hotel was our final regrouping before the essential Coffee and cake stop at the Dunes.

Coffee and cake was served in an orderly manner with no mix ups as names were taken with the orders. The riders sat outside in the wonderful weather overlooking the Ocean Grove surf beach.

The return ride was a return along 13th beach road to the wind turbine. The outlook for the return ride was simply outstanding. The waves had increased in size and so had the number of surfers. The water and waves were now a mix of brilliant turquoise and blue.

At the wind turbine some riders returned the same way that we came, others rode the new bike track and Blackgate Rd, and returned along Horseshoe Bend Rd. into a slight head wind.

All riders returned safe and sound following what was seen  as a very good ride.

Paul Hart,  Ride Leader.

Editor’s note:  Thanks to Paul for leading this most enjoyable ride so expertly and to John H for the photos – see clip below.

Barwon Heads via Drysdale

Seven cyclists negotiated the road closures for Run Geelong to Rippleside Park for Sunday’s ride to Barwon Heads.  It was good to greet three new cycling friends, Jennifer and David from Queenscliff and Derek from North Geelong.

After a detour through Geelong West and south of the city due to road closures, we finally made it onto Portarlington Road in good conditions for the ride to Drysdale.  Despite some glass etc. this road is enhanced by a good sealed shoulder, which narrows and continues after the turn onto Grubb Road to Ocean Grove.

By Ocean Grove, the south easterly wind had strengthened.  While this made made for a cold coffee stop at The Dunes, it was good to know we’d now have a tail wind.

The ride around to Barwon Heads is delightful in these conditions.  Though the traffic was heavy, motorists were considerate and a good quality sealed shoulder gives a feeling of security.  Ewing Blythe Drive (between Barwon Heads Hotel and Thirteenth Beach Road) has had some work to fix potholes, thanks to the advocacy of Bike Safe.

With a tail wind we all become great cyclists.  Thirteenth Beach road was an easy ride at 30kph+!  Despite the new suburb of Warralilly, Lake Road is still very quiet – almost our own personal bike path.

After negotiating the right turn onto busy Barwon Heads Road, we continued at a fast easy pace to Geelong.  It’s disappointing that, despite a large amount of lobbying from cycling groups and individuals, the intersection of Barwon Heads Road with Batten Road is still extremely dangerous.*

With the Fun Run over, the ride concluded with a ride around the waterfront back to Rippleside.  Jennifer was pleased.  This is her longest ‘one coffee’ ride.

We look forward to welcoming Jennifer, David and Derek on future rides with Cycling Geelong.

*This intersection is on a high speed right hand bend on Barwon Heads Road.  Cyclists are forced onto the main road lane, as the sealed shoulder is covered in gravel and severely potholed.  Once again we wonder, ‘Do we have to wait till someone is killed for anything to be done about this?’