Mass transit pedal style

Five-Man Pedersen (Prototype No.1) 2003 by Simon Starling born 1967

Simon Starling, Five-man Pedersen Prototype No. 1, 2003

Tate Museum, London

Stella sent this picture as a card while staying in England this year.

The artist Simon Starling enjoys using bicycles in his work (inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s ready mades).

Here is another of his works –

Work Made-ready, Les Baux de Provence (Mountain Bike) 2001

Work Made-ready, Les Baux de Provence (Mountain Bike) 2001 by Simon Starling born 1967

‘In 2000 Simon Starling rode an aluminium ‘Tassajara’ mountain bike, designed by the cyclist Gary Fisher, to a disused bauxite mine in Les Baux de Provence in France. There he collected a few hundred kilograms of bauxite rocks, which he afterwards processed into aluminium. His installation Work, Made-ready, Les Baux de Provence (Mountain Bike) 2001 presents a do-it-yourself production line based on the small-scale methods of aluminium production that Starling followed. He simplified the techniques used in the industrial processing of aluminium, so that he could produce small quantities of aluminium with the improvised apparatus available to him. This production line ends with the casting of processed aluminium to replicate part of the frame of the same ‘Tassajara’ mountain bike that he had ridden to the mine. The title is a direct reference to the Duchampian readymade and to Starling’s belief that its radical potential can perhaps only be unlocked now by reversing the practice – by making his own objects – to, as it were, make them ready once more. ‘ from TATE Gallery website