North western Geelong loop – Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Two cyclists set off on this morning’s ride – Helen (leader) and Kevin.  Perhaps the predicted rain and strong wind and Father’s Day clash daunted other riders.  Wherever you were, you missed a most enjoyable ride.

The ride route was to Soft Cafe in Minerva Road, via a loop from Rippleside – following the waterfront to Geelong Grammar, then across School and Plantation Roads to follow the Ted Wilson Trail to Church Street and coffee.

The coffee shop was very busy (perhaps a few Father’s Day breakfasts were responsible for this).  Kevin’s hot chocolate finally arrived. It’s great to see our coffee shops doing such good business on weekends.

With a Father’s Day lunch date, Kevin then rode home (to a three generations lunch at his daughter’s – Kevin is the proud great grandpa to a three week old baby boy).

The return to Rippleside was via the Cement Works Trail to Douro Street, then Margaret Street overpass.

There was no rain (though by 1.30 a thunderstorm brought heavy rain and hail to Rippleside).

Ted Wilson Memorial Ride – Sunday 2nd July, 2017

It was Geelong’s coldest morning for years – -2C at Rippleside Park.  The grass was white with frost.  Thirteen hardy riders turned up to celebrate the life of Ted Wilson, and to ride a 45 km circuit including the northern section of the Ted Wilson Trail.  Maree Burn once again set the scene with a memory sprig of rosemary for each rider.

The circuit took the cyclists north along the waterfront, to School Road, and north along the Melbourne Road service Road to the start of the Ted Wilson Trail on Broderick Road.  Cold was the operative word!  Riders warmed a little on the ascent to Ballarat Road.  However, the coffee stop at Soft Cafe in Minerva Road was most welcome.

The ride continued along the Cement Works Rail trail to McCurdy Road, and down the steep descent of Hyland Street.  There were still patches of white on the grass at Fyansford.   With the sun low in mid-winter, this area is in shadow until around mid-day.

The river path was much less busy than on the club’s Saturday rides, so a good pace was kept until Landy Field, where a rest stop was held (during which there was an excellent demonstration of puncture repair on Barbara’s flat tyre – thanks to those who stepped in to accomplish this).  From the Breakwater the return to Rippleside Park was via the Waterfront, which was busy as people enjoyed the cold winter sunshine.

Thanks to Maree for once again running this ride.

Northern Bike Paths: Sunday June 24th, 2017

We’re past the shortest day and winter has set in with strong cold winds and grey skies.  Only two riders appeared at Rippleside for the start of a short circuit on a few of our norther paths.  Karen had been foiled by an incident which closed North Shore level crossing.

Richard and Helen (ride leader) set off north around the waterfront to the School Road path near GGS.  This leads to the Ted Wilson Trail.  Along the trail ride numbers increased by 50% when Lynton (somewhat sleep deprived) joined the ride.  The route followed Ted Wilson Trail to Church Street.  It was then a quick wind-assisted descent to coffee at Soft Cafe in Minerva Road.  The cafe was warm, coffee good, and conversation flowed.  It was difficult to get back into the cold and onto bikes for the ride home.  At this point riders went their separate ways, with only Helen completing the circuit along the Cementworks Railway path to Douro Street (via a stop-off to visit Coralie in rehab. at Grace McKellar) and then back to Rippleside Park via the Margaret Street overpass.  By this time the skies were stormy and the wind gale-force.

However, this was a most enjoyable ride – short enough and easy enough that it can easily be accomplished by most riders.

Next week’s ride is the annual Ted Wilson Memorial Ride, led by Maree Burn.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Riders on last year’s Ted Wilson Memorial Ride

Geelong Tour – Joint Ride with Geelong Touring Cyclists: Sunday 11th June, 2017

Thanks to Peter O’Brien, ride leader, for this report and to John Hagan for the photos.

Loop of Geelong led by Peter O’Brien on Sunday 11.6.17
It was freezing cold this morning when David I, Chris Hume, John H, Geoff, Heather, Harry, Mike, David Simpson (Geelong Cycling) and I headed off on a scenic tour around Geelong.  We left the South Geelong Railway Station and pedalled to the beach front taking in the fabulous views of Corio Bay. We rode to St Georges Road, North Shore, then along Cox Road up the Ted Wilson Trail entrance on Anakie Road.  David I left us at this point and continued up the Anakie hill – we were later to find out he then went straight home for breakfast.  We rode along the trail to Church Street, then down to Minerva Road for a coffee stop at the Soft Cafe.

After the break we rode to Queens Park Road.  This time we adhered to the road rules and crossed the bridge on the walking-cycling section rather than the actual road crossing.  The ride up and down Scenic Road provided great views of Geelong.  With the hills conquered, we pedalled our way through Wandana Heights onto a bike path through to Pigdons Road.  We weaved our way down to another bike path just past the Colac Ring Road roundabout.  At this point Chris departed to head to Moriac as he wanted to get some extra kilometres under his belt.  The rest of us proceeded to Baanip Boulevard and then meandered our way back to Geelong.

Geelong Loop: Joint ride Cycling Geelong and Geelong Touring Cyclists – July 12th, 2015

Rippleside Park, 8:30am, 3C, raining.  The carpark is deserted as ride leader Helen checks out whether our intrepid members have braved the elements.  “No takers.  Sensible people.  Back home to a nice cuppa and shower,” she thinks.  Headlights break the gloom.

It’s GTC ride leader John, on the trusty (but slow) hybrid bike, bedecked in full wet weather gear from head to toe, and Peter – in cycling knicks and flimsy rain jacket (already saturated).

With these genuine Tour-de-France conditions, the three set off to the north with (at least in Helen’s mind) the option to pull out at any point if the going gets too tough.

The ride around the waterfront to Foreshore Road was damp but pleasant assisted, maybe, but the-less-strong-than-forecast southerly.  After turning west, the northern most end of the Ted Wilson Trail was reached, with the rain no more than a gentle, insistent drizzle.

It wasn’t till the end of Pioneer Road that the group realised they were not alone!  A figure lurked off track – the paparazzi was stalking the tour in the form of Noel from GTC.  Thanks Noel for some great photos.

Coffee was at Soft in Minerva Road.

It was essential that the cyclists maintained their damp persona – Peter’s freezing hands obliged with coffee cup flying across the table.  John and Helen’s rain pants stood the test well!  Unfortunately, the paparazzi’s camera wasn’t ready, and it didn’t seem wise to try the manager’s patience to set up the shot for a second time.

Peter contemplates a second cup of coffee

Peter contemplates a second cup of coffee

The route continued over the river at Queen’s Park and across to Baannip Boulevard (a great run downhill with a tail wind), then back to the waterfront at Garden Street, with John and Peter leaving the tour at various convenient points.

Despite the conditions (it didn’t really stop raining for the entire ride), it was a most enjoyable circuit, good company and an enjoyable route.

Thanks to John and Peter for joining the lone Cycling Geelong rider, Helen.  This was a wonderful way to spend a wet Sunday morning.

150712 joint ride mapClick map to see route


On Ya Bike 2: Northern City Circuit: 8th October, 2014

With the overcast again, and quite a strong wind, 18 enthusiastic riders set off from Eastern Park along the Geelong waterfront.  Riders came from all over the Geelong region with representatives of Cycling Geelong and the Geelong Touring Cyclists well represented and a number of individual cyclists.

Rosemary's on the bike and ready to roll

Rosemary’s on the bike and ready to roll

Upper Car Park, Eastern Beach, Geelong

Upper Car Park, Eastern Beach, Geelong

After negotiating the waterfront shared path to Rippleside, the group rode confidently through the northern docks area.

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Negotiating the area near Steampacket Gardens.

The northern path is in the process of upgrade thanks largely to the work of Bike Safe Geelong. John H’s speedy recumbent allowed him to ‘ambush’ the group with his camera.  These photos are entering the foreshore path near Shell Refinery, Corio.

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From Corio, the group took the new path along School Road, and Plantation Road to the Ted Wilson Trail,  where they turned south for the day’s climb up to Ballarat Road.  Despite being long, this climb has a good gradient, and excellent surface.  The slower one rides, the more the views across Geelong and Corio Bay can be appreciates as they unfold on the ascent.  Once the end of the Ted Wilson was reached at Church Street it was pay back time.   Speeds were up and the grimaces turned to grins and everyone freewheeled down to the coffee stop at Soft in Minerva Road.

Coffee stop at Soft, Minerva Road

Coffee stop at Soft, Minerva Road

Special thanks to John Hagan, our ‘official’ photographer.