Post Christmas River Ride: Saturday 28th December

It’s always worth turning up to Cycling Geelong’s Saturday Barwon Circuit ride.  Despite a forecast of strong winds and 38 degrees, David and Nancy were joined by Rod, Rosemary, Helen and Jane Elliot.  Jane was on a Christmas break from her job driving huge mining trucks in the western mines and it was a good chance to catch up with her news.

Not far into the ride the group was joined by Tina, and, a bit further along, Doug.

Conditions were perfect.  There was no wind, the temperature was mid-twenties and the river was sparkling in the sunlight.  The path was quiet.  It appears many usual walkers had taken fright from the weather forecast.  However, cyclists, undeterred by the weather, were out in force.  The group was delighted to see Gavin who joined in at the coffee stop, followed a bit later by John M (whose bidding online for some time trial helmets had kept him busy till 9:30: he was successful!).  Good coffee, good friends, fresh air and pedals.  What more could a cyclist desire?

It’s obvious really.  Life’s better from the seat of a bike.