Red Rock Ride – Sunday November 28th, 2021

Thanks to Allan Marshall, ride leader, for this report and ride photo.

We left Bunnings Carpark on time with 12 trusty riders and had a good clear run to Colac arrived there before 9 30 am. We let Simon in the Routley’s Bakery know that we had arrived.

When we unloaded the bikes Peter Baker introduced me to a chap from the Colac Herald, he took quite a few pictures & asked me quite a few questions but got my age wrong. I did mention that we had a rider 85 years old.

Again, we got away on time we all stayed together around Lake Colac to the Princes Highway roundabout .(By the way this roundabout & its entry points have no consideration for Cyclist whatsoever. VicRoads will hear from me about this.)

Article from the Colac Herald (thanks to Peter for arranging this,)

I told the five 70 k riders to go on from here. Surprise! Surprise! They found a new coffee shop in Beeac, so in the end the 50km riders joined them as we were making good time.

After topping up with drinks and toilet stop the 2 rides went their separate ways. When the eight 50k riders came to the crossroads 3km from Alvie we rang Dirk only to find they were about 5km back, so we decided to push on. We arrived back at the trailer ahead of time.

50km riders (photo – Allan M)

I let Simon at Routley’s know we had arrived back. He warned us to get our orders in as food was running out fast. I don’t know how many small pies he gave away to the rest of us but he gave me two, Kelly one I hope we can give this business a card of appreciation at some time.

The weather was fine some of us got sunburnt through the helmet grooves – the worst of getting old. We all arrived back at Bunnings safe and sound with the only complaint was Hermann is too afraid to use a bit of power on the flat stretches.

Let’s do it again next year I might ad a little twist to the long ride & maybe the short one as well. The total riders were 13.

I hope to see you all back next year Ride leader Allan Marshall

Red Rock Ride – Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

This is one of Allan’s regular ‘classic’ rides for Cycling Geelong. This year, riders were Allan M, Kelly, Karen, Kevin, George, Barbara and Dirk, David S, Keith, Virginia, Denise and Richard, Tina and Russell. The ride start was Red Rock Picnic Ground, part way up the Red Rock volcano at Alvie, north west of Colac.

This was the starting point for Allan’s first Red Rock ride, way back in around 2003! In this group, along with Allan, were Helen and John, Rod C, Marilyn T, Joy, Coralie? and several others. It was a drought year, with the surrounding lakes mainly dry. That year the group rode to the north and east, skirting Lake Corangamite, and through volcanic plains, lakes and dairy farms back towards Beeac, returning via Warrion – with a stop at the Warrion Pub. From the following year, rides began in Colac.

This year’s ride made use of the club’s bike trailer, leaving from Rippleside at 8am, with a second pickup at Waurn Ponds. The group arrived at Red Rock Picnic Area at 10.30.

Thanks to Allan M, ride leader for this report and photos.

When we arrived at Red Rock we went up to the top at the look out for all to see over the western plains and the lakes around there. Then we came back down to the picnic ground to unload the bikes .

The wind was blowing at a stiff NW so the whole group agreed to do the 50 K ride and look after one another. Off we went with Kelly yelling at me that I hadn’t locked my car. I was at least 100 meters down the hill before I stopped. Richard H was delegated to take the keys back up the steep hill!

It was great travelling with the wind to Coragulac. We then turned left into a side wind to Warrion Three of the slower riders  turned off just before Warrion to bypass Beeac  saving 8 k, with the whip opting to support them. From Beeac we had a tail wind all the way to the M1 (Princes Highway). A potentially dangerous right turn across the dual highway and round the roundabout was successfully negotiated with our ‘faster’ group crossed back to the northern side of the highway to take the road down to Colac Lake.

Just before the Colac Botanic Gardens we met up with the other 4 riders. We then took a back street so as to come down to  Murray Street to the La Porchetta for lunch at about 1pm. We spent about 1 ½ hours there as they were quite busy. There were lots of talk and laughter and friendly banter. We all had a good meal then headed for the highway again.

The sky looked very dark and there is a chance of getting wet. As we had arrived at the cross over to leave the highway back towards Red Rock, it just poured down. Some of us tried to get our rain jackets on .

The rain stopped for a while and we made good time. On the  way from Cororooke to Coragulac it thundered lightning rain and hail we were like drowned rats. The faster riders were under a shop veranda from there. We had  5k to go. The water was gushing down the road like a River, and we had to ride in the middle of the road to keep out of the flood.

It was nice to see the “Red Rock 300 metres” sign. That last 300 metres up to the cars was extra tough as water had washed gravel all over the road surface.

We packed up, took some more pictures then headed for home . Once again, the trailer didits job admirably! Not a thing went wrong. Most of the riders said that they would do it again.

Next time we might revert back to starting in Colac, with the lunch stop at Colac.

My report – Allan

Allan finally reached home at 6pm.

Red Rock Ride – Sunday, November 17th, 2019

Thirteen enthusiastic participants attended Allan’s annual Red Rock ride, first ridden at least 10 years ago. Riders were Allan, Russell, Kelly, Karen, Hermann, Barbara, Dirk, Peter S, Swee, Ian, David S and Kevin with Heather driving the sag wagon.

There were two ride options, of 46km and 70km, with Kelly leading the shorter (medium grade) ride and Kelly the long (hard grade) ride.  This year’s rides begain at Beeac (following the closure of one of our favourite cafes, Cafe Rooke at Corrorooke).

As is often the case, there were issues with weather.  This year it was a strong southerly wind, which plagued the riders for all but the final Colac-Beeac leg.  The lunch stop was at a bakery in Colac, which was great but busy.  Once again the newly refurbished trailer did a fantastic job.

One of the good things was the lush green countryside.  Visual highlights also included a beautiful roadside garden, and some bales of hay done up for Santa.  Traffic was light (and there is a wide sealed shoulder on the highway section).  David S. learned that it’s not advisable to attempt to video a low-flying plane while cycling, and a couple of riders may have over-extended themselves with the distances attempted.  (It’s a good idea to realise that riding further than usual, with a set time, may be difficult, especially if there’s a strong wind.  Don’t be embarrassed to use the friendly service of the sag wagon.)

It was a great day’s adventure, and Allan plans to continue the tradition of Red Rock rides again next year.  Keep watching the ride calendar for details.


Red Rock Ride: Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Allan led 11 riders on Sunday’s ride which was a northern circuit from Colac taking in Lake Colac, Beeac, Lake Corangamite (long route), Red Rock and Alvie, and Cororooke.  The riders for the longer (70km) route were Allan, Kelly, Russell, Dirk, John M and Dave S.  The shorter route riders included Helen, Margy, Alex, Barbara and Coralie (on her Brompton).

As is usual, it was windy.  This year, the wind was south easterly, and some assistance on the outward journey, but slowed riders once they turned southerly.

The country was green and the lakes full.  The cows looked contented.  Apart from the Beeac-Colac Road and a short section of highway riding, traffic was minimal.  Lunch at Cafe Rooke was most welcome.  The longer route riders tucked into old fashioned hamburgers with the lot, which were demolished with alacrity.  Alex’s wife Rosalie joined everyone for lunch, and there was a surprise visit from Heather.  It was a very relaxed occasion – especially as, having taken a more direct route, the short group riders had a very long break of around two hours.  Despite their taking a shorter route back to the cars at Colac, they were only minutes ahead of the longer group (fueled by lots of calories) on return.

Thanks to Allan for organising the ride, to Allan and Kelly for once again loading and bringing the trailer.



Red Rock Ride from Colac: Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Join Allan for one of two scenic lake tours from Colac, past Red Rock, to Cororooke (Cafe Rooke) for lunch, completing the circuit with a short ride back to Colac.

Details to be confirmed, but the riders may take advantage of the Cycling Geelong bike trailer, leaving Bell Park at 8am, on Sunday, November 5th.

Contact Allan to book in for this ride.

For those meeting the ride at Colac, the starting point is at the small park opposite Barongarooke Gardens Retirement Home, just before the Barongarook Creek bridge.  

Click the maps below for detailed route maps of each course.

Photos from a Cycling Geelong Red Rock Ride…

Red Rock ride – Sunday 1st November – update

On November 1st, Allan is running his popular Red Rock ride.   There are two circuits available.  If you wish to attend, it is essential to contact Allan (see Members’ area for phone numbers).

The shorter ride is an easy 46km circuit.  Click the map below for a detailed view.

151101 Red Rock short

The second is a medium circuit of 72km.

151101 Red Rock long

Both rides travel through Beeac and the pretty villages of Warrion and Coragulac with a lunch stop at Cafe Rooke in Cororooke.

The longer circuit travels further north and west, taking in the village of Alvie, on the slopes of Red Rock, and the shores of Lake Corangamite.

With the exception of short sections on the Princess Highway (good sealed shoulders make for safe cycling), all roads are quiet.  All roads used are sealed.  (Last year we saw more bikes than cars, due to a bike race near Coragulac.)

Photos from the 2014 edition of Allan’s Red Rock Ride.


Red Rock circuits: Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Report from Allan Marshall (ride leader)P1010434acr editwebLunch at Cafe Rooke, Cororooke

12 intrepid riders left the Colac Information Centre at about 9 15am in two groups for rides of 80km or 50km.

Both groups cycled via the old Geelong Road around Lake Colac, then a short section on the Princess Highway and onto the road to Beeac. Owing to road works on the Colac-Beeac Road all the riders took a bypass into a strong head wind.  Kelly, David and Neville kept up a brisk pace of around 22kph, with Helen almost hanging on to their shirt tails.
The wind took its toll on the riders in the short ride as well as Allan & Coralie (and Helen).   Shane decided to stay back with the short ride as support because it was now longer than planned.  When the lead group arrived in Beeac with a extra 9km on the speedo & a strong NNW wind Helen made the call and suggested the longer riding group to go on.  Allan arrived and agreed – the aim was for everyone to arrive at the lunch stop at around 1pm.  Coralie arrived soon after.  As Allan, Helen and Coralie were riding too slowly to ride the longer route (into a brisk northwesterly wind) and make it to lunch by 1pm, they decided to take a short cut – joining the 50km route some way down the Beeac Cororooke Road – and ending with a ride of almost 70km.

Allan and Helen’s route went north and turned left into Grassy Vale Road, where they waited for Coralie, who pedaled stoicly past without looking either right or left.  Allan took chase- a valiant effort into the strong wind.  Back on track the riders joined up with a Colac Veterans racing circuit at Warrion, turning right into Warrion-Dreeite Road.  After a short wait to regroup and give Coralie a map, it was off again towards Coragulac.   Allan explained to Coralie that there was only one more turn – a left turn into Corangamite Lake Road, which then wends its way past Red Rock, through Alvie and Coragulac and on to the lunch stop at Cororooke.

140518 red rock019acr editweb

At lunch, riders commented about Allan’s forward planning in having cyclists warning signs especially for the Cycling Geelong rides.

Well what a lovely ride Helen & Allan had along Melrose Road with all of it’s dry stone walls & fences & going all the way around a hill not know to Allan (marked Warrion Hill on the map) and its small farms.   When they reached Corangamite Lake Road the wind was finally on their backs.  Knowing the fast group would catch up with Coralie, Helen and Allan sped down the road to lunch.   At Coragulac Helen stopped at the start & finish of the Veterans bike race to take a pictures of the Bike Race warning sign.   There must have been about 200 riders racing.  The roadsides and Coragulac Hall car park were full of cars & bikes.

140518 red rock021acr editweb

First to arrive at Cafe Rooke

Helen and Allan soon arrived at the Café where they were joined a couple of minutes later by the fast group (Kelly, Neville and David).   The fast group had passed Coralie just before Alvie.  As lunches were ordered, the short ride team arrived.    Due to the strong wind, and the detour adding extra distance, theshort circuit riders took a shorter route from Warrion, straight down Cororooke Road.  There were no comments made about this alternate route.  Where wasCoralie?  With the strong tail wind, she should have arrived a few minutes after Kelly, Neville and David.

Back to the Café & most riders were seated & their meals ordered when Coralie finally arrived.  She had taken a wrong turning at Alvie – adding at least 10km but giving her a view of Lake Corangamite.

Coralie at the end of the ride - 80km the hard way.

Coralie at the end of the ride – 80km the hard way.

Donna, the owner of the Café was only too obliging.  The table was already set up to seat the entire, and she even organised special meals for those who needed them.  Would we go back there again?  You bet ya we would!  After lunch everyone headed for Colac.  David Fisher dropped off to his mother’s house as it was on the road, and Neville left the group in Colac.   The riders arrived in Colac at about 2.30pm, where Allan and Kelly packed the bike trailer (which performed splendidly).   Allan went into the Information Centre to thank them & to give the Café a good rap up and to ask about the old rail way line going up the Alvie Road it turns out that it was called the Onion Railway line from Colac to Alvie. We then headed home with a lot to talk about.

Thanks to all the cyclists who supported this ride, to Roxanne who came as driver support, and to Kelly who drove and towed the club trailer.

A very special thanks to Allan, who led the ride admirably, from pre-ride reconnaissance, mapping the routes, organising the bike trailer and general support for all on the ride.


Ride Leader Allan Marshall

140518 red rock short

Red Rock Short Route

Red Rock Ride - medium circuit

Red Rock – medium ride

Red Rock Road - Long Circuit

Red Rock – Long Circuit

Click each map for details a full page map of the three Red Rock circuits.