Barrabool Hills Classic: Sunday 21st January 2018

Once again Shane led this ride around the Barrabool Hills.  This year there was a team of seven – Shane, Mike C, David S, John M, Lynton and Helen.  As Shane’s new super-light road bike lives up in the Alps, today he completed the ride on his stainless steel Moulton.

Helen opted to shorten her ride – The Barrabool Classic – Lite.  Click the maps to see the details of the route.

Barrabool Hills Classic – full

Barrabool Hills Classic – Lite

The route headed west along Barrabool Road, then south on Hendy Main Road to coffee at Raven’s Creek Farm.  John gave away his cycling nutrition tip – Cheezels!

From there, Helen returned via a variation on the outwards route, and the remaining 6 headed south on Hendy Main Road, then circled back to Barrabool Road via Larcombes Road, Church Road, Hortips Road and Considines Road.  The hills were not over!

After a quick descent along Pollocksford Road, the route continued east on the Hamilton Highway to Merraward Road, with another ascent to Ceres, then a final coast back down to Balyang Sanctuary.

For the Balyang-Moriac route – distance, 66.44km with 655m ascent and three categorised climbs.  Helen’s ride – 50.83km with 642.1m ascent.  As we know, this wasn’t all – as all riders had ridden to the ride start.  Doug notched up 801m of climbing in his 88km ride, according to Strava.  Helen’s ride was 70.5km with 799m ascent.

Thanks to Shane for this challenging and friendly ride.  For some, it was training for next week’s Cadel Evans People’s ride.  For Shane, a curtain-raiser for the Alpine Classic next Saturday – an Audax ride of 200+ with 4000m ascent.  Good luck to everyone completing these challenges.

We note that this year, Shane becomes a legend of the Alpine Classic – 10 years of completing this tough course.  Congratulations.


Moriac Circuit: Sunday, December 31st 2017

Will he make it?  Today’s riders were left in doubt.*  Four riders began the ride to Moriac – Dave S (who was lapping South Barwon Reserve as we all arrived), Lynton, Mike C and Helen (ride leader).

The ride out was against the wind, and also included the occasional incline – the old highway at Waurn Ponds and Reservoir Road to Mount Moriac.  A drink stop was made here, before the roll down to Raven’s Creek Farm for coffee.  Here John M joined the group, having missed the start, then waiting at the old highway in the mistaken belief that the main ride was behind.

The return was via Hendy Main Road (south) to Blackgate Road, returning via Ghazeepore, and Grovedale back to South Barwon.

Thanks to all riders for making this final club ride for 2017 so enjoyable.  Distance 57km.  Well done everyone. 

*Dave is on track to cycle 19,500km for 2017 – needing to ride 100+ today.  He’s planning to ride again this afternoon, and then back home to Leopold.  We’ll keep you posted.  We presume that Dave is our club ‘winner’ for the most kilometres ridding this year.

Happy new year everyone.


Moriac Ride: Sunday April 30th 2017

Seven riders started out from Balyang Car Park – Barbara and Dirk, Dianne and Paul, Alex, Mike C and Helen (ride leader).  Unfortunately, Dianne had a gear issue and had to leave the ride near Balyang.

Conditions were overcast, with a light westerly wind.  The route avoided busy roads.

The ride to Moriac included climbs on Barrabool Road, Ted Wilson Trail near Deakin, Waurn Ponds Drive and Reservoir Road, before the long descent in Hendy Main Road to Moriac.  Refreshments were well-earned and very welcome.

The ride back to Geelong was less hilly, completing the circuit back to Balyang via Freshwater Creek, Waurn Ponds and Bailey Street to the Breakwater and the Barwon path.  Thanks to all riders for coming along.

If you’re not riding the Ballarat BAD ride next Sunday, check out the Cycling Geelong Ride Calendar later in the week for a shortish ride on Sunday 7th.  In the meantime, keep those pedals turning.

Barrabool Hills Classic – The Hares and the Tortoise: Sunday, January 17th, 2016

With Karen out of action, Helen was the only female on Shane’s Barrabool Hills ride.  The others were George, Dave S (in training for the Cadel Evans Ocean Road People’s Ride), Robert T, John M, Doug M and Shane (in training for next weekend’s gruelling Alpine Classic*).  With such strong riders, Helen’s strategy was to stay in touch to the coffee stop at Moriac, and then to shorten her ride – keeping the hills, but reducing the length of the ride by around 10 km.

It was a hare and tortoise ride to Moriac – the lead pack of five powered up the hills, then waited for the tortoise to catch up at the top (thanks, gents).  Such good time was made, even using this method, that the cyclists arrived at Moriac before either the General Store or Raven’s Creek Farm were open.  Deciding on Raven’s Creek Farm was an excellent choice – the wait was negligible, coffee great, outlook beautiful and the homemade fresh-picked berry ice-cream amazing.  (Robert and Helen chose this – and it’s highly recommended if you’re stopping for a break in the Moriac area).

From Moriac, the tortoise took a shorter route, straight up Hendy Main Road to Mount Moriac Hotel and Barrabool Road, while the hares enjoyed the longer route via Paraparap.

From then it was more like a hare (tortoise)and hounds chase – with the 10+ kilometre  advantage ensuring that the tortoise was never caught.  There were more splendid downhills – especially along Pollocksford Road and Cochranes Road and the old highway down to Waurn Ponds from Lara.  There were a number of leg-stretching climbs.

The Classic “hare” group clocking up 74km Balyang to Balyang, returning to the start at around 12:15pm.

Well done to all riders.  Thanks to Shane for once again sharing this wonderful hilly adventure and leading the ride.  Best wishes to Shane for next weekend’s Alpine Classic (200km with 3600m of climbing) and to Dave and any others riding the Cadel rides on January 30st (Dave will ride the 111km circuit).  (We look forward to sharing their stories with you as they come to hand.)

George, Shane, Dave, John, Doug & Robert

George, Shane, Dave, John, Doug & Robert at start of Devon Road, Barrabool Hills

*The Alpine Classic is the blue ribbon event in the annual Audax Australia calendar – with five options ranging from 60km to 320km.  Shane is riding the Original Classic route of 200km.

Moriac via Princes Highway: Sunday, 25th May, 2015

Four riders, David J, Neville, Russell and Helen set off to check out the newly opened Baanip Boulevard and the newly duplicated Princes Highway to Mount Moriac.

Baanip Boulevard is part of the Geelong Ring Road extension to the east.  The newly opened section runs from Surfcoast Highway to Ghazeepore Road.  It was very quiet (the final link, from the Ring Road to Ghazeepore Road is still in progress).  A  concrete path runs on the northern side of the road – but this stops some 500 metres from Ghazeepore Road.  (The original plans were for an off road path right along the path – we’ll keep you posted.)  The riders took the sealed shoulder – which is quite uneven with small loose screenings in places.

From Ghazeepore Road, the group used Hams Road to access the Ring Road bike path to the roundabout where the Ring Road joins Anglesea Road.  This led to the newly duplicated highway which is now complete to Winchelsea.  The shoulder is wide, and, apart from needing some in of the new surface, is pleasant to ride.  On the bike, there is time to enjoy this beautiful section of the rolling hills to Mount Moriac, where the group turned south for Raven’s Creek Farm and coffee in the sun.

The return was via Hendy Main Road, Blackgate Road, Anglesea Road and Ghazeepore Road to Waurn Ponds, after which the riders split up.

Russell, David and Neville on the Princess Highway near Mount Moriac

Russell, David and Neville on the Princess Highway near Mount Moriac

Moriac Ride: Sunday March 22nd

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Eight cyclists arrived on a chilly morning for David Fisher’s “Mystery” ride.  David revealed that the mystery destination was Moriac, with the group  riding through Grovedale, past Waurn Ponds Station to the Ring Road Bike Path, then on to Moriac via Reservoir and Hendy Main Roads (Geoff and Stephanie braved the heavy traffic on Cape Otway Road).

Once again, Raven’s Farm proved a delightful refreshment stop.  It had cleared to a warm, sunny day, and the group enjoyed good company, good coffee and the view of the berry farm across to Mount Moriac.

The return journey was along Cape Otway Road to Mount Duneed Road, then Ghazeepore Road, Boundary Road and returning to South Barwon Reserve via Horseshoe Bend Road, with various riders leaving the ride at convenient points.  150322 moriac map

Thanks, David, for a most enjoyable ride.

Moriac ride: Joint ride with Geelong Touring Cyclists Sunday 8th February 2015

Luckily the 35C forecast earlier in the week didn’t eventuate.  At 9am, there were eight cyclists at South Geelong Station ready to leave for an interesting circuit to Moriac.  The only Cycling Geelong representative was Helen.  Where were you?

The long downhill of Hyland Street was the first feature, before the riders rode the Hamilton Highway – on a good sealed verge – to Merrawarp Road.  From there, the route went west along Barrabool Road, the south on Hendy Main Road to Moriac.  There were a few hills (undulations to the likes of Rolf) before a coffee stop at Ravens Creek Farm.  This organic farm, fresh food outlet and coffee shop is well worth a visit. Noel joined the ride at Fyansford.

The return was via Cape Otway Road (one of the most dangerous in the district, narrow, and with cycle-unaware fast traffic), Mount Duneed Road and Ghazeepore Road, after which the cyclists dispersed to their various destinations.

Thanks to Ross for leading the ride.  If you’ve never been on a joint ride – come along one time.  They vary in distance and difficulty, and the company is always wonderful.

Moriac circuit: Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Four cyclists (David J, David F, John M and Helen – ride leader) departed at 8:05 for a saunter to Moriac, via quiet roads and paths.  Having made their way to Heyers Road, the group detoured to check out the new Waurn Ponds Station, before riding south on a short section of the Ring Road bike path from Hams Road to the Anglesea Road.  After only a couple of hundred metres of highway, a right turn took the cyclists into quiet Reservoir Road.  Only a couple of cars were encountered.  By now, without protection from suburbia, the full strength of the south westerly was slowing a couple of riders (notably the leader – leading from behind as usual).

David, David and Helen on Reservoir Road, Mount Moriac.

David, David and Helen on Reservoir Road, Mount Moriac.

John M, on a single speed Wilier, had blitzed the field, and took the photos.  Thanks John.

The fast run down to Moriac was a exhilarating.  Coffee (and Devonshire tea, if you like over-sized fresh scones and homemade berry jam) at Raven’s Creek Farm is highly recommended.  Raven’s Creek Farm is a working farm with berries, cattle and pigs, completely chemical free and free range (the animals, that is- the berries are confined – one could say ‘humanely caned’ for easy ‘pick your own’).  The kitchen garden is full of fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs – which are for sale and feature on the menu.  It’s a great resting and refueling stop – though we also enjoy the Moriac General Store – another bike-friendly venue.

Coffee at Raven's CreekFarm

Coffee at Raven’s Creek Farm – John’s Wilier single speed bike on the right

A notable feature of the Hendy Main Road section of the ride was the large number of cyclists riding in the opposite direction.  Clearly, many were in training for the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road People’s Ride which was our route for last week’s joint ride.  We’re looking forward to watching the world’s best ride on Saturday and Sunday 31st January and 1st February.  (Keep checking the website and ride calendar for Cycling Geelong news about the event.)

Our group continued south and east on Hendy Main Road, then returned to Anglesea Road via Blackgate Road.  It was ‘payback’ time with a strong tail wind.  At Freshwater Creek the cyclists took the route along Dickens and Ghazeepore Roads.  David F turned off to take Heyers Road back to Marshall.  David, John and Helen returned via Pigdons Road and Bellevue Road to the Barwon  where David branched onto the river path, and John and Helen proceeded to Pakington Street, parting company at Church Street.

Ride route - South Barwon Reserve - Moriac - Geelong West

Ride route – South Barwon Reserve – Moriac – Geelong West

Thanks to all riders for a most enjoyable mornings cycling.