Cycling Geelong Christmas Party – December 15th, 2020

Thanks to Stephanie and Geoff for hosting a wonderful night of seasonal fun.

There were 35 members at the Fyansford Hotel for Cycling Geelong’s Christmas bash.  After all the restrictions it was good to be back socialising and we were once again able to use to Hyland Room.  Everyone all had plenty of time to chatter and catch after such a long break.Kris Kringle added more fun to the night.

The annual President’s Award was the only formal part of the occasion.  The recipient for 2020-20 is Heather Howard – a Life Member, who has stood down from Committee this year after many years of helping guide the club.  Heather is a club stalwart – who organised the social meetings and dinners for a number of years, was variously Vice President, and relief secretary and is our club archivist.  Though Heather no longer cycles, she continues to be an active member, and is an expert on all cycling racing  news.  After 10 years at the helm of The Bicycle Show on 94.7 The Pulse FM, Heather has decided that it’s time to move on to reclaim Saturday mornings for other pursuits.  Heather always supports the annual Goldfields Tour – as relief driver and rider support.   (If anyone has photos of Heather receiving her award, we’d love to share them with our members. Please send them to Helen.)

Best wishes for Christmas

Cycling Geelong Christmas Party – Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Fyansford Hotel Function Room

The room was bursting with cyclists’ chatter.  Stephanie had done a superb job of decorating the tables, and everyone was in festive mood.

After a bumper year for Cycling Geelong, with many thousands of kilometres ridden, millions of pedal turns, and coffees too numerous to count, this was a most fitting party to end the year, and celebrate Christmas.


After a year with our Moonlight Ride Queen, Tina, it was time for the President’s Award to be given to a new recipient.  This year there were joint winners.  Two members had put in many hours, without turning a pedal, to ensure that our members could ride far afield from Geelong, in certainty that their bikes would arrive safely at their destination.  Allan and Kelly have spent many hours, and probably a few sleepless nights, planning, drafting and researching the best possible solution to refurbish the club bike trailer, and many hours sourcing parts, getting welding done, building, painting, and ensuring roadworthiness.  Up until now, it was a difficult job to load bikes, and the trailer could not deal with some non-standard bikes.  After the refurbishment, the trailer is stronger, simple to load, and the bikes are held securely, allowing for easy towing over long distances.  The trailer was trialed with the Drysdale ride participants, and since then has been used for the annual Goldfields Tour and the Red Rock ride.  This was a most fitting win.  Allan and Kelly are long-time members (Allan a foundation member and Life Member) and have contributed greatly to the club over many years.  Congratulations, Kelly and Allan.

After this formal business was over, Santa appeared on his trusty fold-up bike, to give out the annual Kris kringle gifts to everyone.  Santa then led the rousing singing of cycling-themed Christmas Carols, with words modified by our bard, Doug Merritt (who, unfortunately was unable to appear in person, though he has been seen around Geelong, on various bikes since).

Thanks to Stephanie and Geoff for all the planning for the event.  Thanks to all participants at the party, and special thanks to Santa and Doug (wordsmith) for making the function such a festive one.

*The Cycling Geelong Presidents’ Award is awarded annually to a club member chosen by the president.  The trophy was made by Peter Smith, a long-term member and past president.