Full Moon Ride (almost!) – Friday, December 21st 2018

Thanks to Tina for the ride report and to Richard for the photos.

As we gathered for the start at Balyang Sanctuary it rained heavily so we waited a while. We set off soon after 6, no rain thereafter. Barwon river trail and Waurn Ponds creek trail with just a very short ride on the road. We all enjoyed a meal at Waurn Ponds hotel. We left the hotel around 9.30. It was dark. The moon was visible high in the sky as we set off on our return journey. We returned a different route. Towards Deakin University climbing Pigdons Rd was a superb view of the moon where we stopped for for a while.  It was all down hill from there. The unexpected highlight was the Christmas lights along the way. The return route was entirely road.


Full Moon Ride – Lara: Sunday, March 12th, 2017

With a warm evening forecast, it’s not surprising that, despite late notice, this was a very popular ride.  As well as Tina (ride organiser and leader) there were Carolyn and Geoff, Dirk and Barbara, Dianne and Paul, Sally and Helen.

The ride commenced at Moorpanyul Park in North Shore.  Before turning pedal, Sally discovered a very low tyre, and there wasn’t a space tube!  Taking a risk that any leak was slow, air was added and the riders set off around the foreshore and onto Hovells Creek Path.

The Lara Hotel proved an ideal dinner destination, with lots of room, and a varied menu.

Sally’s tyre was OK, but given a bit of a pump for luck.  It was dark when the regroup set off back towards Geelong – a long line of cyclists.  In the dark, most took the road route back to the Hovells Creek ford.  Geoff, however, had spotted a homeless person, on the path near Lara, and decided to be take him some supper.  He and Paul set off back along the track – but without success in finding the man.  The whole group came together at the ford, and enjoyed the ride along Hovells Creek, keeping to bike paths all the way back almost to Moorpanyul Park.  It was mainly overcast, and no stars were visible.  There had been discussions about the time of moonrise, which was scheduled for around sunset.  The moon stayed hidden (or perhaps, the group was looking in the wrong place.)

Just as the group rode back into Moorpanyul Park, Tina gave a triumphant shout,  “There’s the moon!  I’m first to see it!”  The moon was well in the sky, somewhat masked by cloud, but rather north of where the group had been searching.  With mutual pats on the back, and three cheers for ride leader Tina, the group disbanded to make their individual way home.

On such a night as this, riding is a joy!  We look forward to seeing you on Tina’s next Full Moon Adventure.

Thanks to Tina, Ride Leader.

Full Moon Bike Ride: Friday 25th September

Tina Gordon is leading another of her very special Full Moon Bike Rides.

Full moon ride Friday 25th September 6.30pm.

Meet Eastern Park car park near the toilet block and BBQ close to and left of Botanic Gardens.

Route will be Swanston St to the River up Pakington St to the Bay. Then fish and chips near Cunningham Pier and or coffee on the pier.

BYO lights.

Image source: http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/centraljersey.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/c/93/c93a688c-5016-11e5-9c87-135cc99d30cc/55e4ab6a06445.image.jpg