Around the Bay in a Day: Sunday 7th October, 2010 – 1

Stephanie and Geoff’s ATB

Thanks to Stephanie for this ride report and photos.

Geoff and I rode the 50km Route from Albert Park to Williamstown and back.  The day was fantastic with perfect weather conditions for riding.   With 10,000 riders registered for the day riding from 20-210 kms it showed the motorists on the Westgate Bridge …. cycling is now here  to stay and grow!

Geoff and I had no issues with the younger kids, most riding responsibly all day.

The climb over the Westgate Bridge and back wasn’t hard and we had plenty of room taking up 2 lanes of the bridge.The views from the top were superb, many stopped and took photos.

Surprisingly most motorists accepted a very  long wait and didn’t abuse us or other cyclists! FANTASTIC

With over 80 cyclists registered as Members of Cycling Geelong it would be good to see a Team of 6 to 8.

(Editor’s note:  Congratulations to Stephanie and Geoff on their personal achievement.  We also had club 20 members and friends working as volunteers on ATB and 2 members at the Cycling Geelong stand at the Humans in Geelong Expo.)

If you participated in Around the Bay, or volunteered the event, please send in a ride report and your photos so we can share them with other club members.  Send to Helen.

MS Melbourne Cycle: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Report from Geoff Andrews

Stephanie & I rode the 50km MS Ride in & around Melboune yesterday,23rd February along with over  3,000 non-racing cyclists. It started & finished in the beautiful Princes  Park in Carlton. It was extremely well organised, a well thought out cycling route, with Volunteer marshalls  on nearly every corner so it was impossible to get lost.The ride crossed the Westgate Bridge, with 2 lanes closed for the cyclists. There was hardly a breath of wind & the view from the top was outstanding as it was a perfect day for cycling & very light traffic passing by, being a Sunday morning.

It was suited perfectly for riders of all age groups from 6-8 year olds to 68 year olds riding  tag-alongs,recumbents, cruisers. & road bikes.

It was a wonderful family day to be out with loads of ambience whilst  mixing & talking  with so many nice casual riders & numerous fund raising teams in interesting & colourful out fits. It was  refreshing  to see so few wearing  “racing lycra”. There  was no bad cycling behaviour as everybody  followed the road rules to a T.  The younger ones were well disciplined which made the ride easy & pleasant.

It  would be a PERFECT  ride for 90% of Cycling Geelong members to participate in as it would be no  harder than 2 laps of the Barwon River.

Loads of money was raised for such a worthwhile cause ie MS the “Invisable Disease”

Bring on the 2015  Ride in February or March next year.

Editor’s note:  This ride replaces The Great Melbourne Bike Ride which used to be held annually by Bicycle Victoria.  It’s one of your few opportunities to cycle over West Gate Bridge – a wonderful spectacle to see thousands of cyclists streaming over the bridge ahead of and behind you – and, as we all know, life’s better from the seat of a bicycle.