Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail – Thursday, January 6th, 2021

Dave led the ride, with 13 cyclists starting from the showgrounds, and others joining along the route to a total of 18. Conditions were perfect and, as usual, the welcome and service at Cafe Zoo was great.

Keith led on the return as Dave and Joe left at Drysdale to visit The Pedal Shed in Clifton Springs. Helen, Stella and Karen left the ride at Moolap Station Road, to return home via Eastern Park and the waterfront.

Thanks to Dave and Keith, ride leaders, and to Dave for the photo from the Showgrounds.




Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail – 22nd October, 2020

David S led a total of 19 cyclists.

Thanks to David for this report and ride photos.

Sixteen riders (including (Dr) Mike from GTC) left South Geelong in two groups. Along the way we picked-up Gavan, Ron L. (GTC) and Doug creating the largest number of Thursday riders since before COVID-19.

As usual, Cafe Zoo were right on to it with tables ready for us in the front garden and courtyard. In future, I recommend the ride leader should appoint someone to lead each group, to help things run more smoothly. No incidents occurred and the High Street magpie has ceased surveillance operations! Yay!!

Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail – 10th December, 2020

Paul led the ride.  He reports…

16 riders left our South Geelong starting point, joined a little later by Doug. A detour from the rail trail, caused by waterworks works, at Wilsons Road sent us around some suburban streets. On the return trip the only incident to report was when that I, while negotiating the detour turn off, exited the track into a drain. No injury was sustained to rider or bike. While this incident was witnessed by many, no video footage was taken which may be a good thing.  Thanks to Paul and all participants.

Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail, Thursday 12th November, 2020

Thanks to Margy for this report and ride photos.

It was overcast with a strong wind.  14 Riders left the showgrounds with a strong tail wind. Along the way 3 more riders joined the group. Pleasant camaraderie was enjoyed at the Zoo, and then the return journey was into a head wind.

David Salemy got a puncture along the trail but quickly fixed it satisfactorily.

Margy recommends that riders continue along the bike lane to the pedestrian lights at Drysdale, rather than turning right at the previous roundabout and riding on the footpath.  Remember, when on Cycling Geelong rides, cyclists should obey all road rules.

Dave would like the lights to be activated at Tivoli Drive – a new road which crosses the trail at Curlewis.  (Editor’s note:  It would be great if the default for these lights were green for the trail – which pre-exists the road as a path or railway by over 140 years.*)

*The Queenscliff line opened in 1879, branching from the South Western line at South Geelong. It was among the first branch lines to be built in the state of Victoria. https://www.railgeelong.com/lineguide/queenscliff/



Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail – Thursday 15th October 2020

Thanks to ride leader Bill for this report and photos.

Today we had 13 riders who set off for Drysdale. It was a  warm and very humid day with rain expected in the afternoon.

Unfortunately Peter Olsen had a flat tyre along the trail in Whittington. While repairing the tyre we were attacked by huge numbers of mosquitoes. The group was sent on and Peter and I stayed to repair the tyre. We were not able to fix the tyre and Peter decided to walk back to the start and I rode on to Drysdale. Peter did get his wife to pick him up and had the tyre repaired at de Grandi’s.

I was killing 5 mosquitoes at a time  but they still were unbearable.

Otherwise the riders had a nice coffee and cake at the Zoo and rode back together to the start point.

I would recommend that future rides carry plenty of insect repellent