Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail, Thursday 12th November, 2020

Thanks to Margy for this report and ride photos.

It was overcast with a strong wind.  14 Riders left the showgrounds with a strong tail wind. Along the way 3 more riders joined the group. Pleasant camaraderie was enjoyed at the Zoo, and then the return journey was into a head wind.

David Salemy got a puncture along the trail but quickly fixed it satisfactorily.

Margy recommends that riders continue along the bike lane to the pedestrian lights at Drysdale, rather than turning right at the previous roundabout and riding on the footpath.  Remember, when on Cycling Geelong rides, cyclists should obey all road rules.

Dave would like the lights to be activated at Tivoli Drive – a new road which crosses the trail at Curlewis.  (Editor’s note:  It would be great if the default for these lights were green for the trail – which pre-exists the road as a path or railway by over 140 years.*)

*The Queenscliff line opened in 1879, branching from the South Western line at South Geelong. It was among the first branch lines to be built in the state of Victoria. https://www.railgeelong.com/lineguide/queenscliff/



Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail – Thursday 15th October 2020

Thanks to ride leader Bill for this report and photos.

Today we had 13 riders who set off for Drysdale. It was a  warm and very humid day with rain expected in the afternoon.

Unfortunately Peter Olsen had a flat tyre along the trail in Whittington. While repairing the tyre we were attacked by huge numbers of mosquitoes. The group was sent on and Peter and I stayed to repair the tyre. We were not able to fix the tyre and Peter decided to walk back to the start and I rode on to Drysdale. Peter did get his wife to pick him up and had the tyre repaired at de Grandi’s.

I was killing 5 mosquitoes at a time  but they still were unbearable.

Otherwise the riders had a nice coffee and cake at the Zoo and rode back together to the start point.

I would recommend that future rides carry plenty of insect repellent

Cyclists out in force – exercise during the pandemic – Thursday to Drysdale 13th August 2020

With distancing in place several members were riding to Drysdale on Thursday morning.

Kevin sent these photos

Here is a picture of George and Paul ready to leave for Drysdale.

Here is a picture of Joe, on his way home after starting early and breaking a gear cable.

And Kevin had a rear wheel puncture, picked up a paper staple. Many thanks to David Salamy for helping to change the tube.  Hopefully the next ride will be trouble free.

Editor’s note… Are you wearing a mask while cycling?  How do you find the experience?


Drysdale via BRT – Thursday, 6th August, 2020: showing you can still ride safely during Stage 3 restrictions –

While Cycling Geelong’s club rides are suspended, there’s nothing stopping our cycling friends from riding, as long as numbers are kept to twos or individuals.

Kevin found that several club friends were riding the BRT to Drysdale last Thursday.  Here’s his report and photo from the start of the trail.

On Thursday riders rode in pairs or solo, with David S and Bill J the only two to leave at 9 o’clock.  Joe W and Peter O having left earlier, and George B taking a short cut.

Kevin C and Doug M met up on the track later.

Take away was at cafe Zoo.

Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail, Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

Thanks to Joe for the photos and ride report.

I am pleased to report a successful ride with eleven riders taking part as per images with Kevin as tail-ender.

The overcast weather was perfect for riding with a little head wind upon returning.

Overall a nice ride with a coffee stop at Cafe Zoo enjoyed by all.