Barwon River Circuit: Saturday 3rd November, 2018

Kevin led 15 cyclists around the river path, which was busy with the usual pot pourri of cyclists, walkers, rowers and dogs.  The wind was strong from the west, but only slowed the cyclists in the open section near the Barwon Valley Adventure Playground.  It was good to welcome Nell back into the group after her time away in Europe.

Coffee was at Barwon Edge.

Thanks to Kevin for leading and Michael who was trusty tail-ender.

On Ya Bike! 2018 – Ride 1: Wednesday, 3rd October

History Ride around the Barwon River Trail

Thanks to Rod Charles, our cycling historian for leading this ride, and to Hermann who was his excellent tail end Charlie.

There were over 30 participants, on a pleasant overcast morning. 

Rod began with a short explanation of the founding of the area by Foster Fyans.  Doug provided light entertainment with a newly penned poem “On Ya Bike! – Barwon River Ride”.  There were riders of all abilities and a large variety of bikes – seriously light road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, historic bikes like Rod’s Peugeot, at least one e-bike, small wheels, cruisers, Doug’s recumbent Cruzebike and a single speed retro ladies bike.

The group set off around the river path in a clockwise direction.  Several regrouping stops were held, with Doug giving a progressive rendition of AB Patterson’s “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle”.

The river circuits provides lots of options for those who would like a shorter ride.  One or two decided to head straight to coffee from the Queen’s Park Bridge.  The rest completed the circuit through Fyansford Common.

As usual, the service at Barwon Edge was excellent, with the whole group served coffee (and other refreshments) with friendly speed.

2018 is our 11th year of On Ya Bike! as part of the Seniors Festival.  With around 100 participants each year, in the last 10 years, we’ve had about 1000 riders.

On Ya Bike! 2 – Lara

Next Wednesday’s ride in the 2018 On Ya Bike! series is to Lara.

The ride begins at 9am, on Wednesday 10th October, at Rippleside Park, near the Adventure Playground.  It’s an easy ride, along quiet roads and paths, of around 36km distance.  There are a couple of small hills.

The ride will be lead by Helen.

See you ON YA BIKE! 

More photos from the Barwon River Circuit ride…

Barwon River Circuit: Saturday 7th July, 2018

Thanks to ride leader Richard for this report

Ride leader’s selfie with friends at ride start

Ride leader: Richard

Ride participant: Kevin, Doug

Coffee groupees:) Gavin, Helen

On a chilly wet Saturday, Kevin and I braved the conditions to complete the cycling Geelong Saturday river circuit. We waited until 9:01, and we lulled into a false sense of security with the tailwind, and little rain towards Breakwater.

Kevin has just returned back from a Canadian summer, so full marks to him for turning up in the first place (If he hadn’t I couldn’t guarantee the ride would have gone ahead)

There was no one at the Breakwater stop, so we carried on around the other side of the river into the driving wind and rain. We stopped under the bridge to get some air into Kevin’s front tyre, and Doug caught up with us.

After the rain subsided we headed towards the next stop at Shannon. We considered taking the short hop over the bridge and round for coffee but decided to press on in the elements.

The wind was confronting towards Queens Park – (Doug took a moment in the midst of this to check out the frisbee golf) – the weather looked like it was going to be kinder, and we were getting a bit warmer, so we each removed a layer of clothing.

There wasn’t too much traffic on the pathway around Fyansford loop and we were staying dry, but it wasn’t to last and we were spurred on with a cold shower towards the cafe.

Gavin and Helen joined us for a coffee. Contented with a warm coffee in hand, and good company, we ticked off another circuit completed, even if it was the smallest group to complete the ride this year. The tradition continues.

Editor’s comment:  Wow!  This is way beyond the call of duty.

Do you like chocolate?  Maybe we’ll see you on the joint ride with GTC to Moorabool Chocolate tomorrow.  This is a slow meander – starting at Rippleside Park at 8.30am – to Point Henry, then circling to the south and west to arrive at Moorabool Chocolate in Ballarat Road at 11am when they open.   Easy 48km.  Click the map for more detail.  

Barwon River Circuit: Saturday 21st April, 2018

Barbara and Dirk led 27 cyclists on the Barwon River Circuit on a sparkling Autumn morning.

There were multiple path users enjoying the sunshine, and a canoeing event on the Barwon added to the enjoyable experience.

Doug recounted his experience with newly painted slick white lines while riding along Jetty Road in the Bellarine 100 last weekend.

  • White lines + rain = Ambulance ride + multiple scans and x-rays + 1 night hospital + 2 broken ribs

Along with 15 other experienced cyclists, the newly painted road marking caused Doug to lose control of his bike.  Russell recounted that the previous Thursday, he almost had the same experience on the other side of Jetty Road.  Luckily, the road was dry, and Russell was able to correct the slide and keep riding.

Thanks to Barbara and Dirk for leading the ride.

Barwon River Circuit, Saturday 31st March, 2018

Herman led 32 cyclists on the Barwon River path.  It was a perfect morning for cycling – cool, still and with a general feel of relaxed recreation among path users.  Due to the holiday weekend for Easter, the Barwon Edge had a surcharge of 15%, which was a problem for a few of the group.  However, the relaxed mood continued with lots of chatter and discussion before the riders dispersed to go home their own way.

Thanks to Herman for leading this morning’s ride.

Next week – Doug has organised to have a PASS BOX fitted to his bike and a couple of people will be at Barwon Edge to fit this after the river ride next Saturday.  PASS BOX is a measuring device to measure how close other vehicles come as they pass bicycles.  The aim of this is survey is to see just how much of an issue this is, and to see how motorist behaviour changes over time.  The Melbourne Bicycle Users Group are seeking other Geelong cyclists who ride on the roads around Geelong.  If you’re interested, please fill out the registration survey at

Barwon River Circuit: Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Rod, ably supported by David F and Peter B (tail-ender) led 28 cyclists on the Barwon Circuit on a warm morning.  It was Girls Head of the River, with the consequent excited girls and family members buzzing around, along and across the track.  The rowing fraternity had marked off a cycling route behind the spectators at the finish line – up and over a steep grassy hill.  It was remarked that this is not the preferred way to detour – as a flat route is available!  However, once the cheering crowds and boat sheds were negotiated, the peace of the river returned, with the whirr of wheels and chat of cyclists and other path users mixing with birdsong and wind in the branched.  Several riders joined the group at the Breakwater.

Forewarned to Cycling Geelong’s large influx, Barwon Edge had reserved two tables for thirsty cyclists.  As usual, the service was fast (and iced coffee outstanding).  Another patron came up to congratulate our Cycling Geelong river riders for their excellent riding behaviour.  She remarked on our friendly bell ringing and maintaining single file when passing.  Thanks everyone – people do notice your good manners.

Photos from Barwon Edge

However, a question remains.  Rod, was your granddaughter’s quest for Head of the River glory successful?

Barwon River Circuit: Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Dirk led the ride with Barbara and Margy (Madame Lash) as rear guards.  Once again there were over 20 riders.  Conditions were good, and, although there were quite a number of training crews, there was little congestion near the rowing sheds.  However, there is path work – a large hole and pile of dirt on the path) so the riders detoured around the back of the sheds.  Doug appeared part way around the circuit, riding his Cruzebike, which we haven’t seen for some time.  He and Helen disappeared before coffee to be guest presenters on The Bicycle Show (94.7 The Pulse FM, 11am on Saturdays).

Coffee was, as usual at Barwon Edge.

Thanks to Dirk, Barbara and Margy and to all riders for a most enjoyable ride.

A suggestion has been made that, once or more a year, this ride might conclude with a picnic at Balyang.  Please let us know if you’d be interested in attending.