Ballarat Cycle Classic

Thanks to Geoff Andrews for this report.

Stephanie and I returned once again to ride our 4th Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute Cycle Classic on Sunday in Ballarat.

The weather was perfect for cycling and to raise money for a worthwhile cause. We rode the 50 km road ride through Warrenheip Rd, Navigators Rd, Yankee Flat Rd, Yendon Rd Dunnston and back to Ballarat on excellent roads with pro-active road marshals on every corner.  Riders were looked after very well with water, fruit cake, jubes and bananas freely available at the feed and fuel stations.

Dave Simpson said hello to us as he passed us on our 29 inch wheel mountain bikes.  Dave was a little late arriving — he was on his way to complete the 100km Ride.  We were pleased to catch up briefly with Doug at the finish after completing his 100km Ride in Windmill Drive

The whole day was a wonderful success for the hundreds of people involved with the ride.

The huge village set up was catered for alll age groups including something for the hundreds of kids who rode their favoured distance.

It would be nice to see more club members enter the ride next year as it is not a demanding course and well within the abilities of many members.



Ballarat Cycle Classic: February 16th 2014

Ride report from Stella Groves

Who said Ballarat was cold ??  Well yes it was at 8am in the morning ! (ed. 6.1 Celsius – the coldest morning this month!)

Three members  from Cycling Geelong decided to join this really great ride –  Rosemary Michael and Myself (Stella).    Steph and Geoff were going BUT…  more about that later!!

The Ballarat Cycle Classic is a fundraiser for cancer research.

About 1500 cyclists participated in the ride  to raise funds for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute (FECRI).   The ride started at 8:30 and very soon the fast ones sped past and the slow ones crept on behind.  We decided to try the 50k ride.  That was  very sensible decision!  The country roads meandered towards Buningyong with some small hills and beautiful countryside.  I must say  most cyclists whizzed past but it was very pleasant to cycle at a slow speed and observe the unfamiliarity of Ballarat surroundings.

We had two stops were we gobbled Bananas and delicious fruit cake  and arrived back in  Ballarat at noon.

It was really like a holiday!  There were new people to meet and new places to visit.

But where were Steph and Geoff ??? We searched  and looked but no sighting.  Unfortunately, it transpired that  Geoff  was unwell so they missed the event sadly.

Next year this is a must for me  and I hope others will join to enjoy the day and raise funds!