Would you like…

Information about cycling in Geelong?

To attend regular social rides, that cater for beginners and intermediate riders?

To make friends and socialise with other cyclists?

To use your bike for safe, clean transport?

To strengthen the image of cycling as a legitimate and desirable means of transport?

A network of well maintained on and off road cycling facilities?

If you answered “yes” to one or more questions we invite you to join us in Cycling Geelong.

Membership Brochure (PDF) 

Online Application Form


3 thoughts on “Membership

  1. This is a copy of an email sent to Paula Kontelj Liberal Party candidate for the upcoming state elections:
    Paula Kontelj
    PO Box 3063
    Shandeen Geelong West 3218
    Wednesday, 3 September 2014

    Dear Ms Paula Kontelj, I would like to know your position on bicyclists and cycling infrastructure in the CBD and feeder roads to the CBD of Geelong City. I only require a yes or no answer and exclude any bureaucratic/political semantics .

    Do you support bicyclists and cycling infrastructure in Geelong? Yes/No
    Would you raise the issue in party room meetings? Yes/No
    Would you seek a grant to maintain and add new infrastructure for cyclists? Yes/No Would you increase significantly the amount of street bicycle secure parking in the CBD and around the Geelong Library and Performing Arts Centre situated in well-lit locations? Yes/No
    Would you also add secure parking to other areas such as Centrelink, hospitals, and other medical/dental/optical consulting rooms plus other local, state and Federal offices? Yes/No
    Would you see there is budgeting for periodic but regular inspection of Local Roads and VicRoads road marking? Yes/No
    Will you instigate mandatory yellow/red cycle lane marking with pictograms at and before entrances and exits to parking lots. Yes/No
    Will you instigate mandatory yellow/red cycle lane marking with pictograms at and before controlled intersections. Yes/No
    Would you raise the necessary finances through the state budget for a public awareness advertising campaign? Yes/No
    Your response along with the questions will be posted to social media, cycling groups and news outlets.
    Thank you in anticipation to your response.

    This is her reply: Thanks for your email. I support cycling, and enjoy it myself. Would like to see better bike paths in and around Geelong, and if elected, would pursue this. On air over many years, I always ‘stuck up for cyclists’ when it came up as a topic with the listeners. Kind Regards Paula

    Certainly no commitment to Yes/No replies. It seems to some people who have viewed this reply that it is nothing but a non committal reply. ” I always ‘stuck up for cyclists’ is just talk ,well I guess that was what she was employed to do.

    Please share this post with other cyclists as it is an indication of just talk and no action.

  2. Drivers! Please share this. And LOOK FOR CYCLISTS, you will inadvertantly see any threats to youself anyway. I was missed by inches on not very good Friday when a driver did not give way in a roundabout. I had cleared the vehicle before the driver saw me. I entered at about 30k. Arguably too fast? Well at 15k I become a large yellow inconvenience that holds the cars up behind me that do not have 3 seconds to spare so they pass me in the roundabout. Or even just before the roundabout. Drivers, if the rider in front of you appears to be hogging the road to you, please appreciate that they have ensured you no space to make bad decisions as:
    Beating them to the entrance, so the car behind you sees rider at last seconds.
    Passing a rider to turn in front of them. This is a common decision with disastrous results.

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