President’s Message

FROM JOHN MIRO, President 2015-

I’m glad I found Cycling Geelong about 4 years ago. It is the most friendly and sociable cycling group I know. We’re committed to supporting cycling through our program of rides, advocacy for cycling and volunteering for cycling events. We enjoy recreational rides for fun and exercise and run social events.  A large proportion of our membership are women. Our members come  from all walks of life. Many are very committed to improving cycling infrastructure and safety and environment in general.

We have easy social ride around the river every Saturday morning and short to medium club rides on Sunday mornings.  Every two months there is a dinner meeting with a guest speaker or a workshop.  There are also occasional club weekends away cycling in other parts of the state.

Whether you’ve just taken up cycling or been cycling for over 50 years, join us anytime on any type of bicycle.  You are most welcome.

We welcome new members and visitors.  Please enjoy our club website and keep those pedals turning and Safe Riding.

John Miro

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2 thoughts on “President’s Message

    • Hi Jenny
      Check out our ride calendar. Cycling Geelong has rides every Saturday (short river circuit), and Sunday (varying length ride). They’re all riding for fun – and there’s always a coffee stop to extend the chat. You’re welcome on any of our rides. If you happen to be around on Sunday (6th March) we have two rides for International Women’s Day – see our Ride Calendar.

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