Cycling Without Age – try the Triobikes

On Friday, 9th February, Vicki will hold another session for our Cycling Without Age pilots to familiarise themselves with the new electric-assisted trikes at MACS.  The session is from 1-4pm, at MACS, 100 Weddell Road, North Geelong.

We’re still recruiting new pilots.  If you’d like to be part of this world-wide cycling movement, please send your expression of interest to Helen or Vicki.  Help those who can’t ride enjoy the experience of ‘wind in the hair’ through a slow bike ride with friends.

Road trials with volunteer pilots as passengers, near Multi-cultural Aged Care

Support new Cycling Infrastructure for Geelong – have your say

To promote the safety of separated bicycle infrastructure, these kids have produced a music video…

Please find the time to comment on Geelong’s proposed new cycling infrastructure –

To view the detailed plans, there’s one final drop-in session from 3-6pm, next Tuesday (February 13th) from 3-6pm.

Let the strength of our cycling voices lead to positive, safe cycling infrastructure!

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road people’s ride

Reports from club members:

115km ride – the whole circuit of the race, including all the hills around Bells Beach, Barrabool Road, and the dreaded Challambra climb and Melville ‘wall’.

From Dave S (ride coordinator)

I had a good day yesterday, managed an overall avg of 24.9 for the 115km, including the Challambra and Melville climbs. I did the ride in 4 and a half hours of active time. I was doing very well, had an avg of 26.6 at Moriac but the climbs at the end reduced that a bit! We had a bit of mixed wind conditions this year but generally the weather was good.  I saw David Salamy at the rest stop at Moriac but headed off again as he was waiting for his buddy to turn up.

Dave’s view of the riders in the 115km ride – at the 7am start.

Am heading out soon to see the peloton whiz by at Boundary Rd but will head home and watch the rest of the race on TV as it will be too hot to hang around outside to wait for them to do the climbs this afternoon.  Pity about that but I just went outside and that North wind is already bring the temp up. There’ll be a few sunburned spectators out there today.

From David S (member)

“I started at 6:30am with Mike, a weekend riding ‘buddy’. We didn’t push too hard, in order to conserve energy for the hills in the last 60kms but still averaged 26kph for the 51kms to Jan Juc. It was very humid and misty and visibility was quite poor thru my wet sunglasses 😎. After coffee, a good feed and some stretching at Mike’s house in JJ (how convenient is that 😊) we headed for Bells. Our solid training, combined with a very favourable SSE breeze enabled us to do Bells, Forest Road and the hills to Ceres, and arrive in better shape than previous Cadel rides.  Now for Challambra!  On the climb to North Valley Road there were some ‘early warning cramp signals’, so we stopped for a stretch and then successfully did Challambra/Westbury/Melville before coasting home to the finish.

It was a very enjoyable ride, in favourable conditions with terrific support from cheering people all around the course. The atmosphere out on the road was very friendly, the volunteer marshalls were very helpful and there were lots of places to top up our water bottles.

Another great day on the bike!”

65km ride

From Margy M

All I would like to say I had fabulous fun;  happy with my time of 3 hours 20 minutes which included rest stops along the way.

From Kevin

My tyre problems started on Friday afternoon when the rear tyre bulged.  With the shops shut I could not buy a new tyre.  So I borrowed a used tyre from my Son in law.  On Saturday morning on my way to the start of the ride that tyre blew out.  I then put a patch inside the and fitted a new tube, but I could not put much pressure in the tyre.  I made the start ok, but peddling was harder than usual and I could not keep up with Margy.  Otherwise the ride was good and the tyre lasted the distance.

Thanks to Dave, David, Margy and Kevin for these reports.

If anyone else has reports or photographs of their experience over the two days of the Cadel Evans GOR ride and races, please send them in to Helen.

Cycling Geelong Christmas Party

Around 40 members and friends attended last night’s Christmas function at the Belmont Hotel.  There was lots of chatter and laughter, a little music supplied by Tina, Joy and the band of trusty ukulele players, and, as Santa was off riding his sleigh somewhere, the Good Christmas Fairy (AKA Heather) took on the role of gift giving for Kris Kringle.

It was wonderful to see a wide range of members, both new and older.  Thanks to Stephanie for her sterling work in organising social functions throughout the year.

If any members have photos of last night’s event, please send them to Helen so they can be added to this report.

In the interim, apologies for the quality of these mobile phone shots taken in poor light.

Jingle Bells (Cycling version)

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Cyclists on the roam

Oh what fun it is to ride when it’s downhill coming home.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Cyclists on the track

Oh what fun it is to ride with a tail wind coming back.


John is out the front, with David on his wheel,

Not far back is Kellie Rowe with Margy Mac at heel.

Allan’s next to Rod, who’ll tell us all a tale

Of just how far we’ve come since bikes were first made and for sale.


Tina’s puffing hard, ‘I need a coffee break!’

Dirk and Barbara stop their bikes for latte, chat and cake,

Magpies on the swoop, Paul’s helmet’s all a-spike

Shane’s spinning past on tiny wheels – now that’s a snazzy bike.  OH!


George’s eyes a-shine, he dreams of rides outback

Bush flies, punctures, mud and dust then sleeping on the track.

Geoff and Stephy save to cycle overseas

While puffing hard up Highton’s hills is hard upon their knees.


Ride to Work Day – at Barwon Health

Four Cycling Geelong riders were among the good turn out of riders riding to work at Barwon Health on Ride to Work Day last Wednesday.  They were Karen Anderson (workplace coordinator for RTW Day), Tina Gordon, Bernie Hyland and Charlotte Stace.

Well done, Karen for organising such a successful ride.  It’s clear from the photos that everyone who rode arrived at work energised and happy.  Karen also organised a healthy breakfast to keep the cyclists going all day.

Karen reports a broken spoke had her calling a sag wagon (our trusty Honorary Member, Nick) part way home.  Undaunted, Karen was back on the bike this morning, cycling to join the river ride – on her mountain bike.

There was a notable increase in cyclists riding in Geelong on Wednesday morning.  Let’s hope that at least some of these cyclists take the opportunity to cycle to work on a regular basis from now on.  (Bendigo recently ran a successful campaign urging commuters to leave the car at home at least one day a week.)

The only negative for the day was City of Greater Geelong’s lack of support for the event.  For Geelong to really be a cycling city, our Council needs to get on board Ride to Work Day, as it did in the past when the Council sponsored a breakfast in the city centre, and subsidised breakfasts at work places.



Humans in Geelong Expo, Sunday, 8th October, 2017

Humans in Geelong began in August 2016 ago as a Face Book page telling good news stories about people and organisations making a difference to the Geelong Community.   This year, Humans in Geelong ran a most successful EXPO at Deakin University Waterfront Campus.

Cycling Geelong was one of over forty groups represented.  Rod Charles, Mike Currie and I ran the table with photos, giveaways and lots of interest from the many hundreds of visitors to the EXPO.   As well as cycling in general, Rod had his three volume history of cycling in the Geelong region on display.  He was surprised that one visitor is planning to buy a penny farthing – Rod’s comment was that they had gone out of date by the 1880s.  However there is now a lot of interest in historic bikes, and the Victorian Penny Farthing Championships will be held at Geelong West Velodrome in early December.

Helen & Rod at Humans in Geelong Expo – a lull in customers

Several other Cycling Geelong members including Vicki and Rosemary were also working on the EXPO – Vicki with Geelong Sustainability and Rosemary with the Humans in Geelong Committee.  Quite a few Cycling Geelong members visited the Expo – some after completing their stint working on Around the Bay in a Day.  We also had a visit from Maria from 94.7 The Pulse’s The Bicycle Show.

Another Cycling Geelong visitor was Tina, who came along with her mother.  They were delighted to meet up with six young Danish guys on a gap year between school and university, who were spending that time promoting Cycling Without Age.  These men rode in on two passenger tricycles, which they had ridden all the way from Newcastle to Geelong via Sydney, Dubbo, Canberra and Bendigo (which all have Cycling Without Age programs running).  People at the EXPO were invited to have a ride on the bikes – Tina and her mum are looking forward to the program starting in Geelong.

The Expo included a program of performers, speakers and other entertainment.  The winners of the first ever Humans in Geelong Writing Competition for schools were announced.  The primary school winner was Hamish West, , Year 3, Ashby Primary School, with runner up Indigo Niblett, Year 6, Clairvaux Primary School.  The secondary school section was won by Bridie Griffith who is in year 7 with year 8 student Archer Drummond second.  Both these students attend The Geelong College.

* For Cycling Without Age, the passengers do not require helmets.  The demonstrations were held in Deakin’s enclosed courtyard.  Normally, the riding tricycle pilots always wear helmets.

It is also legal in Victoria to ride these passenger tricycles on footpaths – speeds with passengers are usually around 3-6kph.  Geelong’s first Cycling Without Age program will be at Multi-cultural Aged Care in North Geelong and is expected to get underway early in 2018.

Cycling visitors from Denmark: Cycling Without Age Crosses Australia

Try a trishaw on Sunday

Humans in Geelong Expo 10am -3pm, Deakin Geelong, Waterfront Campus

A group of six riders is riding across Australia on Cycling Without Age trishaws.  The ride is to raise awareness of Cycling Without Age which gives older people the chance to once again experience the joys of cycling.

The riders have now reached Victoria and are cycling towards Bendigo tomorrow.  They’ll be visiting Geelong on Sunday – mingling with the Around the Bay riders near Deakin Waterfront campus, and visiting our Cycling Geelong booth at the Humans in Geelong Expo at around midday.  Come along and give tri-shaw riding a go!

Here’s a report from their visit to Canberra.

Cycling without age – Sandringham

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race 2018: Launch

Cadel Evans was the star of today’s launch.  Despite his team commitments to the Tour de France and battling flu, he once again travelled to Geelong to launch the 2018 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race and Ride.

The event was jointly launched by Cadel, Sports Minister John Eren and Professor Jane Den Hollander, vice-chancellor of Deakin University.  Once again, our own Geelong university, Deakin, will sponsor the elite women’s race.

As the fog lifted, a couple of celebrity challenges were ridden.  First, Cadel and Phil Anderson went head to head the final few hundred metres of the killer Challambra climb.  It was close, but, despite the commentator’s beat up of a dead heat, there was no doubt of the outcome.

The second race was between two young riders from Geelong Cycling Club and Steve Bracks, Chairman of Cycling Australia, ex-Premier of Victoria and recreational cyclist.  Steve is a regular rider in the Cadel People’s ride, but had no chance against younger legs.

The master of ceremonies then demanded a rematch between Phil and Cadel, citing the ‘dead heat’ and Phil’s foot slipping off the pedal in the first ascent.

It was smiles all around for the final photo shoot.

Helmets? It’s a no-brainer

Dan Martin’s helmet after the crash on the Mont du Chat. Would he have got back on the bike if he hadn’t been wearing it?

Richie Porte was also lucky.  Despite extensive grazes, a broken collar bone and a broken pelvis, he had no head injuries after this horrific high-speed crash.