Cycling Without Age- Cycling Geelong acknowledges the support from Geelong Connected Communities

Cycling Geelong acknowledges the support received from Geelong Connected Communities for the Cycling Without Age program at MACS.

Cycling Geelong’s application for a grant towards the purchase of a second CWA Triobike was successful, resulting in a grant of $3000.  Along with our club donation of $2000, a matching donation of $2000 from Geelong Sustainability, fundraising by both groups, and some individual donations, has gone a long way towards the purchase.

Cycling Without Age Geelong’s first chapter was launched at MACS on May 23rd.  Visitors had the chance to welcome the two Triobikes, their pilots Leanne, Robyn and Tony, and their MACS resident passengers, before a formal launch and afternoon tea in MACS’ chapel.

Thanks to Geelong Connected Communities for their generous support of this program, which enables aged care residents to enjoy the pleasure of a slow social bike ride in our beautiful city.

Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail: Thursday, March 15th, 2018

David Salamy led the regular ride to Drysdale this week.  Thanks David for leading the ride and for this report.

Twelve (male) riders left South Geelong at 9:05 and Gavan was waiting at Café Zoo for the return ride.  It was a very relaxed ride at a moderate pace in very pleasant conditions.  There were no incidents and nothing of note to report apart from the road graders ripping up one of the dirt roads at the Drysdale end.  All riders disembarked and most carried their bike over the dirt mound.

David, as well as being a regular rider on Thursday rides to Drysdale, is now a fully accredited Cycling Without Age pilot.  Along with Dirk, also from Cycling Geelong, he forms the team to take residents from MACS our for a spin every Friday afternoon.  You can hear more about this program at Cycling Geelong’s dinner meeting on Tuesday, March 21st at the Belmont Hotel.

Cycling Without Age – try the Triobikes

On Friday, 9th February, Vicki will hold another session for our Cycling Without Age pilots to familiarise themselves with the new electric-assisted trikes at MACS.  The session is from 1-4pm, at MACS, 100 Weddell Road, North Geelong.

We’re still recruiting new pilots.  If you’d like to be part of this world-wide cycling movement, please send your expression of interest to Helen or Vicki.  Help those who can’t ride enjoy the experience of ‘wind in the hair’ through a slow bike ride with friends.

Road trials with volunteer pilots as passengers, near Multi-cultural Aged Care

Cycling Without Age

Cycling Geelong is proud to be a partner in Geelong’s first chapter of Cycling Without Age.  This worldwide program allows people who cannot cycle, due to age or disability, to enjoy the freedom and friendship of a slow bike ride with friends.

Stopping for a tea break

The first chapter in Geelong is at MACS (Multi-cultural Aged Care) in North Geelong.   Two electric-assist Triobikes arrived from Denmark in December.  The first training session for cyclist-pilots was held last week.  Fifteen volunteers had a most enjoyable afternoon, trying out the bikes, and enjoying the experience as passengers.  Two more training sessions will be held this week, with further sessions in the weeks to come.

November 2017 – Cycling Without Age comes to Geelong’s first Humans in Geelong Festival at Deakin Waterfront

Slow speed allows participants to chat as they cycle*

*This was a walking-pace trial ride around the courtyard at Deakin.  Hence, the cyclist had no helmet.  Passengers, who wear seat belts, are not required to wear helmets.

November, 2017 – a group of Danish cyclists visit MACS en route from Newcastle to Hobart. 


First Geelong Training session for pilots – Tuesday, January 23rd

The program should be up and running at MACS within weeks. Come along to Pako Festa on Saturday 24th February to see the trikes make a public appearance.

Further chapters of Cycling Without Age in and around Geelong won’t be far behind.

More cyclist-pilots are needed.  To volunteer, contact Helen.


Danish Cyclists visit to Geelong – Cycling Without Age

Multi-cultural Aged Care, North Geelong

Monday 9th October, 2017

Six young Danish cyclists are spending a short time in Geelong, as they tour eastern Australia riding passenger tricycles, and promoting Cycling Without Age.  This morning, they visited macs (Multi-cultural Aged Care) in Weddell Parade, North Geelong.

Residents, their family members and staff had the opportunity to take a ride.  Vicki, Rosemary and Helen, from Cycling Geelong all had the opportunity to try out the bikes – which have electric power assist (not used on today’s rides).

Once people got into the passenger seat, it was smiles all around, with reminiscences flowing about the last time they were able to be on a bike, and general excitement.

Despite the cold south-westerly wind, everyone had a great time.  Once up and running, with two new tricycles, the residents and cycling pilots will be able to explore Geelong, with the first route to the waterfront already mapped out.

Cycling Geelong is a partner with Cycling Without Age, Geelong Sustainability and macs (Multi-Cultural Aged Care)  in Geelong’s first Cycling Without Age chapter.

We’ve already started recruiting cycling pilots.  If you’re interested, contact Vicki or Helen.

Humans in Geelong Expo, Sunday, 8th October, 2017

Humans in Geelong began in August 2016 ago as a Face Book page telling good news stories about people and organisations making a difference to the Geelong Community.   This year, Humans in Geelong ran a most successful EXPO at Deakin University Waterfront Campus.

Cycling Geelong was one of over forty groups represented.  Rod Charles, Mike Currie and I ran the table with photos, giveaways and lots of interest from the many hundreds of visitors to the EXPO.   As well as cycling in general, Rod had his three volume history of cycling in the Geelong region on display.  He was surprised that one visitor is planning to buy a penny farthing – Rod’s comment was that they had gone out of date by the 1880s.  However there is now a lot of interest in historic bikes, and the Victorian Penny Farthing Championships will be held at Geelong West Velodrome in early December.

Helen & Rod at Humans in Geelong Expo – a lull in customers

Several other Cycling Geelong members including Vicki and Rosemary were also working on the EXPO – Vicki with Geelong Sustainability and Rosemary with the Humans in Geelong Committee.  Quite a few Cycling Geelong members visited the Expo – some after completing their stint working on Around the Bay in a Day.  We also had a visit from Maria from 94.7 The Pulse’s The Bicycle Show.

Another Cycling Geelong visitor was Tina, who came along with her mother.  They were delighted to meet up with six young Danish guys on a gap year between school and university, who were spending that time promoting Cycling Without Age.  These men rode in on two passenger tricycles, which they had ridden all the way from Newcastle to Geelong via Sydney, Dubbo, Canberra and Bendigo (which all have Cycling Without Age programs running).  People at the EXPO were invited to have a ride on the bikes – Tina and her mum are looking forward to the program starting in Geelong.

The Expo included a program of performers, speakers and other entertainment.  The winners of the first ever Humans in Geelong Writing Competition for schools were announced.  The primary school winner was Hamish West, , Year 3, Ashby Primary School, with runner up Indigo Niblett, Year 6, Clairvaux Primary School.  The secondary school section was won by Bridie Griffith who is in year 7 with year 8 student Archer Drummond second.  Both these students attend The Geelong College.

* For Cycling Without Age, the passengers do not require helmets.  The demonstrations were held in Deakin’s enclosed courtyard.  Normally, the riding tricycle pilots always wear helmets.

It is also legal in Victoria to ride these passenger tricycles on footpaths – speeds with passengers are usually around 3-6kph.  Geelong’s first Cycling Without Age program will be at Multi-cultural Aged Care in North Geelong and is expected to get underway early in 2018.

Cycling visitors from Denmark: Cycling Without Age Crosses Australia

Try a trishaw on Sunday

Humans in Geelong Expo 10am -3pm, Deakin Geelong, Waterfront Campus

A group of six riders is riding across Australia on Cycling Without Age trishaws.  The ride is to raise awareness of Cycling Without Age which gives older people the chance to once again experience the joys of cycling.

The riders have now reached Victoria and are cycling towards Bendigo tomorrow.  They’ll be visiting Geelong on Sunday – mingling with the Around the Bay riders near Deakin Waterfront campus, and visiting our Cycling Geelong booth at the Humans in Geelong Expo at around midday.  Come along and give tri-shaw riding a go!

Here’s a report from their visit to Canberra.

Cycling without age – Sandringham