Barwon River Circuit: Saturday 21st October, 2017

There were at least 24 cyclists on this morning’s overcast ride around the river.  It was great to see people from far and wide, including Kelly and Karen commuting from Corio via the Ted Wilson Trail (and conquering Hyland Street on the return journey).

The riders were met by Tina and Gavin at the Breakwater (though Tina’s was a social visit only, due to family commitments), and president John (who’d been chasing the ride) at Queens Park.  Nancy and Heather also joined the group for coffee at Barwon Edge.

The river was reasonably quiet, but this morning’s ride was marred by the aggressive comments and behaviour of one jogger, and a bit of a problem with a couple of out of control dogs in the leash free area.  The Barwon River trail is a shared path.  Cycling Geelong’s riders kept their good temper, and unfailing politeness.  After all, everyone is out on the path for recreation and enjoyment – whether,  pushing pedals or a pram, jogging, or being taken for a walk by their canine friends.

All path users should keep to the left of the path.  Cyclists are required to give way to pedestrians.  However, it is also the responsibility of all path users, including pedestrians, not to block the path, and to control dogs whether in on-leash or off-leash areas.

Were you out riding of Friday? Were you assaulted too?

This incident came to our attention today.

A local cyclist was riding back from Anglesea on Friday morning when he was struck on the back by an egg thrown from a car. The following car swerved into the bike lane just missing him tooting its horn. Fortunately he didn’t fall off but was shocked.
Riding into Torquay he thought he would check the McDonald’s car park and sure enough both cars were parked there. After photographing them he headed to the Police station opposite.
The police were quick to respond and after interviewing  those responsible and obtaining admissions are looking to charge them.
The Torquay Police would be interested in hearing from anyone else who was hit by eggs on Friday, as the cyclist involved has a feeling he was not the only one.

Please pass this message on to any other cyclists you know may have been cycling in the Anglesea-Torquay area on Friday.