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Melbourne bike trail ride – Sunday Nov 19

Once again we’re grateful for Robert Turnour leading a great Melbourne ride. Perfect weather and great easy ride from Southern Cross Station to Port Melbourne to St Kilda Pier and Beach. Return though Port Melbourne, Web Dock and Fishermans Bend back to Southern Cross Station.

12 riders: Herman, Dirk, Barb, Bernie, John, Robert, Sandra, Joy, Kevin, Margie, Lynton and George. Thank you Robert for organising and leading the ride.

John Miro (I visited the St Kilda Community Garden during lunch break)

Wed ride to Arthurs Seat – 70km hilly (7/12/16)

Yesterday we did our version of Chris Froome winning the Herald Sun Tour climbing the Arthurs Seat. He’ll be back in February to defend his title and we now know how hard it is. Caught the 8 o’clock Ferry from Queenscliff, 10 of us. Unfortunately our joint leaders Helen Lyth and John Hagan couldn’t come so our Ride Co-ordinator Dave Simpson led the group. Perfect weather, sunny mild and not windy. Very quiet boat trip not many customers. Rode from Sorrento to Red Hill. Beautiful county side and hilly. We stopped at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm for our morning strawberry and iced coffee. Then onto Arthurs Seat. Dave won the King of Mountain jersey by reaching the summit first followed by me. The new Eagle gondolier lifts were opened officially last weekend. The new massive Eagle Restaurant looked almost finished. We rode down the steep and windy road  to Nepean Highway and  back to Sorrento. Reached the terminal 18 minutes before our 2 o’clock Ferry – boat was full this time with cars and school groups and quite a few other cyclists. The 3 “D”s – Doug, Dirk and Dave stayed back in Sorrento for lunch and must have caught a later Ferry.

Thanks to Dave for leading us so well. Well done to 2 relatively new riders on Wednesday – Dirk and Lynton, they both rode very well. Thanks also to John Hagan for choosing such a great route as Dave emailed him: “Sorry that you couldn’t make the ride today. Congratulations on your choice of route, there were some really nice roads leading up to the final climb to the top. Everyone had a great day out in the sun. We will definitely do that ride again! ”  You too can join us next time.

John M

Thu morning social ride – 17 Nov 2016

On a magnificient sunny summery day, 13 riders and a magnificent huge Fat bike turned up for our social ride to Drysdale: Joy, Laura, Stephanie, Michael, Neville, Rex, Kevin, Neil, Russell, Alex, Geoff, John and leader Dave. Good to see Neville back after his caravanning adventure up North. Thanks to Ride Co-ordinator Dave for leading the ride and showing us his Fat bike. Good company, good coffee, good ride.


Inaugural Mid week social ride – 10 Nov 2016

Next weekend (Nov 19/20) we celebrate Bicycle’s 150th Birthday with lots of activities – see details including Rod Charles ride on Saturday 1pm: https://cyclinggeelong.com.au/2016/11/07/150th-anniversary-of-the-bicycle-celebration-weekend/

But on Thursday this week we had even bigger event – our club’s first ever mid week social ride. We waited 15 years and it finally happened. Don’t worry if you missed it because it’s on next Thursday morning and every Thursday morning after that.

Woke up at 5am and went outside. I was hoping for fine warm weather but it was cool and sky was overcast. On my way to start of Bellarine Rail Trail, I rode past Rippleside car park and was swooped on by a magpie (thought they had finished nesting!). Felt few rain drops as I arrived at start of Bellarine Rail Trail just before 9am. Our “official photographer” for the ride and Membership Secretary Tina Gordon also arrived along with 9 other riders: Joy, Coralie, Kevin, Stephanie and Geoff, George, me, Alex, and our leader Dave Simpson. Great to see Coralie back whose been riding mainly around Melbourne I believe.

We rode along the Rail Trail to Drysdale. Coralie was the first to reach Cafe Zoo followed by myself and Alex. Thinking I was well prepared I told Coralie, coffee was at the new cafe Ground Zero. So I took her and Alex to Ground Zero and waited 10 minutes. I assumed the rest of the group was delayed may be by a puncture so I rang Dave and he told me they’re all at Cafe Zoo – my mistake. At least Coralie and Alex now know where ground Zero is. After long coffee and cakes the weather improved and became a perfect warm spring day for our return trip back on the trail.

Long standing members of our club probably realise this is the Trish McKenzie ride. Because she led so many great rides to Drysdale over the years we decided to make it a permanent fixture in our calendar. So every Thursday morning we’ll do 40km easy social ride to Drysdale; starting from Bellarine Rail Trail, corner of Carr Street and Breakwater Rd.

Thanks to our Ride Co-coordinator Dave Simpson for organizing and leading the ride. See you next Thursday.

John M


Happy 2016 to all Members & Families of Cycling Geelong

Congratulations to Tina Gordon and Robert Turnour:
  • from New Year, Tina is our new Membership Secretary, succeeding our newest Life Member Nancy Jones.
  • Robert is our new Team Leader & Coordinator for the Annual Around the Bay fund raiser. He takes over from the other new Life Member David Jones.
Thank you to all members who led and organised rides for the rest of us during 2015; especially Helen Lyth. 
Special thanks to our new Ride Coordinator Karen Anderson who has been keeping us updated even while on Christmas Holiday in Queensland. Look out for Karen’s Kruisy Ride 1.0 and 2.0. I think 1.0 is Easy Ride suitable for all. Start training for 2.0 and the ultimate Karen’s Killer (KK) Ride. If you have ride suggestions or want to lead a ride, contact Karen (details in Members Area).
It’s a shame our regular End of Year Ride on the Skipton Rail Trail had to be cancelled yesterday due to heat. Thanks to Stella Groves for organising it. I believe it may be rescheduled for later in the year when weather is kinder.
You can celebrate New Year by riding the first Saturday River ride of the year on this Saturday morning (Jan 2), It’s appropriate that Michael Lindsay will lead. Thank you Michael for helping to co-ordinate the ride throughout the year. If you’re a regular and want to share the load of leading, talk to Michael on the ride or email him.
Of course there are some serious rides coming up in January including a “Presidential Ride“. As US Presidents are called Presidents for life, I tend to think of Allan Marshall, Shane Balkin and Peter Smith as Presidents. Shane Balkin’s world famous “Barrabool Hill Classic” is on Jan 17th. And there will be Hills, Hills and more Hills – weather permitting.
Where were you on Boxing Day? 
While you’re recovering from Christmas Dinner, Sandra McCran duly stepped in and led the Boxing Day Saturday River Ride backwards in the rain. She led 4 brave riders (Rod, Helen, Sandra, John H) anti clockwise to celebrate and review the year – (good idea from Doug Merritt). Many thanks to Sandra for helping with the Sat morning rides and on the Committee.
We’d be a great social club, if it weren’t for these great Ride Leaders who make us a great Cycling Club too.
Happy New Year 2016 and Safe Riding.
John Miro – President
P.S Helen is always looking for contributions to our club website. Just email her with any interesting posting / photos or ride reports.

Sunday Club Ride: Karndoor-Kara Track, 20/12/2015

Sunday club ride: Dec 20, 8.30am from Rippleside park – you can park your car there

  • Karndoor-Kara track ride – Easy 18km track; total distance 30km; slow / leasurely pace
  • Suitable for all bikes and all riders (age 7-99)
  • Leader: John
  • Milkshake/Ice coffee: at Eastern Beach at end of the ride
  • Temperature: when I rode the track this morning, it was mild with cool sea breeze; I’m expecting it to be even cooler tomorrow morning
  • new AborIginal  name
  • launched on Thu night (Dec 17) by the Vic Sports Minister John Eren and the City of Greater Geelong
    Minister didn’t turn up, local member Christine Couzens was there instead
  • 18km track all paved except 200m smooth gravel along side Aldi Supermarket
  • we’ll ride from Rippleside to start of trail (about 15 minutes)
  • track should take us about 1hr to 1.5 hour depending on speed
  • after trail, we’ll ride down to our Coffee stop
  • all flat and easy (anyone who can ride Sat morning river ride can do this)
  • shared bike/walking track away from road; we’ll only ride on open road to the start of track and to Coffee stop at end
  • the only hills are minor: 70m very steep hill at St Helens Boat pier – low gear or walk up
    50m medium hill up to Doug Merritt’s work depot
    50m low hill up to Margaret st overpass bridge
  • long gentle down hill run on Ted Wilson trail
  • all paved except 200m next to *** supermarket
  • Bay Trail and Ted Wilson trail are ok
  • there’s about 6 places on Cowie Creek trail with broken glass
  • Bay trail is completely deserted; I think only myself and perhaps Coralie use it; most cyclists use the road for quicker travel
  • We should be see few riders and few walkers/dogs on Ted Wilson trail
  • We may see few walkers on Cowie Creek trail
  • if you get too hot you can jump into Corio Bay or stock up with drinks and ice cream at *** supermarket.
See you tomorrow morning & safe riding, John Miro

Life Membership Induction & Christmas Dinner 2015

Annual end of year Christmas Dinner for Cycling Geelong was held tonight (Dec 16, 2015). After dinner David and Nancy Jones was awarded Life Membership for their outstanding contribution to the club over the last 11 years. Written Testimonials were provided by Rod Charles, Helen Lyth, Peter Smith, Stella Groves, Rosemary Nugent. They were read by Tina Gordon (Membership Secretary), Sandra McCran (Assistant Secretary) and Maree Burn (Vice President). Robert Turnour then spoke about club fund raising effort that David and Nancy has been leading each year. Life Membership Certificates for Nancy and David were presented by exisiting Life Members Heather Howard and Allan Marshall.

After induction, Santa Claus (aka Doug Merritt) arrived on his red Santa bike and led the group on an impromptu Carole singing before giving out presents for everyone.

The evening was enriched by attendance of new members Dianne and Paul Tobias, Charlotte and Dennis Jones, Dave Simpson. Many member partners were also there including Joan Marshall, Nick Anderson and Kirsty Warfe.

Cycling Geelong is a better club because of outstanding members like Nancy and David Jones and we’re  greatful. Thanks to Tina, Sandra, Maree, Allan and Heather for helping me with the induction tonight. Well done to Stephanie Andrews for organising the evening as well as social dinners throughout the year.

Merry Christmas and Safe Riding.

John Miro – President

Photos – Melbourne Heide Gallery Ride – Nov 21, 2015

Thanks to Tricia and Shane for another great Melbourne adventure – this time to Heide Modern Art Gallery – started by John and Sunday Reed last century. Great to see Alistair join his Dad Doug.

John  M