Docklands to Altona Beach: Wednesday, 8th January, 2020

This Ride was set up as an alternative to the Geelong Flyer, Capitol City Trail Ride which was held on a day with extreme heat. Both Rides were to give an experience of the new Ferry Service from Geelong and include one of the City Ride routes.

Eight of us, Kevin, Lynton, George, Dirk and Barbara, Coralie, Sally and I boarded the 11.30am Geelong Service to Docklands. It was a lovely day with a comfortable temperature.

Arriving at Docklands we were met there by Margy, Jeff, Joe and Sandra. We cycled the shared path through Docklands around past the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel and onto a path that runs alongside Footscray Road, to the Maribyrnong River.

From there we cycled the paths that took us under the Westgate Bridge and onto a path that follows the Yarra River to Williamstown. We enjoyed lunch there at Carter Smith Delvin Co Café in Nelson Parade.

Following lunch, we made our way to Kororoit Creek Road cycling to Millers Road, Altona and finding our way to Altona Beach; where we had a brief break and took in the scenery of the Park and Beach area.

The return route took us back along the Bay Trail and connecting back onto Kororoit Creek Road and back to the Bay Trail at Williamstown. We scooted back along the Trail following it upriver to meet the Westgate Ferry at Spotswood. Lynton rode ahead and secured a boarding for us as the Ferry was preparing to get underway to cross the River. The operator did well, securing an extra 10 fares; he had one other customer!

On crossing we connected with the Bay Trail at the northwest end of Westgate Park. This took us onto Lorimer Street, South Melbourne which eventually led us back to South Wharf and a crossing over the Yarra from where were able to make our way back to Docklands; where the Ferry berths.

On the way, Joe and Sandra left us at Collins Street as they were meeting Edith at Southern Cross, to catch a train back to Geelong.

Margy and Jeff had cycled back earlier in the afternoon and had caught the Ferry across the Yarra as we had.

Apart from an incident that involved a fall, a great ride was enjoyed by all.

Great for us to now have a Ferry Service directly into Melbourne via Docklands. It is easy to access the City from there whether it be cycling, walking or public transport.

Robert T, Ride Leader.

Thanks to Robert for this report, and leading yet another memorable ride. 

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