Red Rock Ride – Sunday, November 17th, 2019

Thirteen enthusiastic participants attended Allan’s annual Red Rock ride, first ridden at least 10 years ago. Riders were Allan, Russell, Kelly, Karen, Hermann, Barbara, Dirk, Peter S, Swee, Ian, David S and Kevin with Heather driving the sag wagon.

There were two ride options, of 46km and 70km, with Kelly leading the shorter (medium grade) ride and Kelly the long (hard grade) ride.  This year’s rides begain at Beeac (following the closure of one of our favourite cafes, Cafe Rooke at Corrorooke).

As is often the case, there were issues with weather.  This year it was a strong southerly wind, which plagued the riders for all but the final Colac-Beeac leg.  The lunch stop was at a bakery in Colac, which was great but busy.  Once again the newly refurbished trailer did a fantastic job.

One of the good things was the lush green countryside.  Visual highlights also included a beautiful roadside garden, and some bales of hay done up for Santa.  Traffic was light (and there is a wide sealed shoulder on the highway section).  David S. learned that it’s not advisable to attempt to video a low-flying plane while cycling, and a couple of riders may have over-extended themselves with the distances attempted.  (It’s a good idea to realise that riding further than usual, with a set time, may be difficult, especially if there’s a strong wind.  Don’t be embarrassed to use the friendly service of the sag wagon.)

It was a great day’s adventure, and Allan plans to continue the tradition of Red Rock rides again next year.  Keep watching the ride calendar for details.


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