Drysdale via Bellarine Rail Trail: Thursday, March 15th, 2018

David Salamy led the regular ride to Drysdale this week.  Thanks David for leading the ride and for this report.

Twelve (male) riders left South Geelong at 9:05 and Gavan was waiting at Café Zoo for the return ride.  It was a very relaxed ride at a moderate pace in very pleasant conditions.  There were no incidents and nothing of note to report apart from the road graders ripping up one of the dirt roads at the Drysdale end.  All riders disembarked and most carried their bike over the dirt mound.

David, as well as being a regular rider on Thursday rides to Drysdale, is now a fully accredited Cycling Without Age pilot.  Along with Dirk, also from Cycling Geelong, he forms the team to take residents from MACS our for a spin every Friday afternoon.  You can hear more about this program at Cycling Geelong’s dinner meeting on Tuesday, March 21st at the Belmont Hotel.

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