Barwon Heads: Sunday, February 15th, 2018

Thanks to Barbara for this report.  Thanks to Dirk and Barbara for their expert ride leading.   There were 10 cyclists – Dirk and Barbara, Colleen, Russell, Neville, Kevin, Lynton, David J, Helen, and John M (who joined the ride along 13th Beach).

Sunday 25th February dawned overcast with some threatening clouds but at lease the humidity was at a more comfortable level. The predicted southerly was not blowing too hard but it would make the trip out to Barwon heads a bit more challenging on the legs.  The promise of a good tail wind on the return journey brought out 10 riders for this great ride.

Dirk led the band of yellow Lycra clad riders out on the Barwon heads road, turning to Horseshoe bend road. We road in single file trying to get any draft advantage from each other as we battled the stiff southerly. Russell was amazed at the number of houses that has mushroomed since he last rode past Charlemont Rise.  We then turned left at  Warralilly  Boulevard reconnecting with the Barwon Heads road. Some road work on the right hand side made a short distance challenging as there was lots of blue metal stones in the bike lane.  The bike path from Blackgate road to 13th Beach road was admired and enjoyed by all the riders. Pity it’s not all the way and connected to the Geelong bike lane infrastructure.

As we came to the 13th Beach road, it looked as if we’d have to change our route because the road was closed to traffic due to the triathlon. To the relief of all the riders the smiling marshals waved us through as all the triathlon  riders had passed and the road wasn’t due to be opened for another 30 mins. We enjoyed the road minus all car traffic.

John Miro joined us at the 13th Beach comfort stop. He was late and was riding fast to catch up with the group. Considering he’d given the group almost 30 mins head start he did well to catch up at that point.

As we rode past the hotel the crowd was beginning to disperse so traffic, both car and pedestrian was heavy. We carefully negotiated past all obstacles and made it to Annies for a well-deserved coffee and treats.

Traffic in Barwon Heads was easier on the return journey and 13th beach road was quiet as many people were aware of the road closure and had chosen alternative routes. As we rode along the clouds parted and the sun shone making the return journey past the beach a wonderful vista.

Because of the road works on Barwon Heads road the group chose Black gate road to Horseshoe Bend road for the return journey.   Average speed to Barwon heads was a credible 17.5 km per hour considering the headwind. The return journey was at an average of 20.5 km’s per hour with a helpful tail wind.  Everyone returned safely and happy with their achievements and a great social catch up.  Thanks to all riders for a great Sunday morning ride.

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