Cycling Without Age

Cycling Geelong is proud to be a partner in Geelong’s first chapter of Cycling Without Age.  This worldwide program allows people who cannot cycle, due to age or disability, to enjoy the freedom and friendship of a slow bike ride with friends.

Stopping for a tea break

The first chapter in Geelong is at MACS (Multi-cultural Aged Care) in North Geelong.   Two electric-assist Triobikes arrived from Denmark in December.  The first training session for cyclist-pilots was held last week.  Fifteen volunteers had a most enjoyable afternoon, trying out the bikes, and enjoying the experience as passengers.  Two more training sessions will be held this week, with further sessions in the weeks to come.

November 2017 – Cycling Without Age comes to Geelong’s first Humans in Geelong Festival at Deakin Waterfront

Slow speed allows participants to chat as they cycle*

*This was a walking-pace trial ride around the courtyard at Deakin.  Hence, the cyclist had no helmet.  Passengers, who wear seat belts, are not required to wear helmets.

November, 2017 – a group of Danish cyclists visit MACS en route from Newcastle to Hobart. 


First Geelong Training session for pilots – Tuesday, January 23rd

The program should be up and running at MACS within weeks. Come along to Pako Festa on Saturday 24th February to see the trikes make a public appearance.

Further chapters of Cycling Without Age in and around Geelong won’t be far behind.

More cyclist-pilots are needed.  To volunteer, contact Helen.


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