Barwon River Circuit: Saturday, January 27th

Thanks to Alex (ride leader) for this report.

It was a fine, sunny and very warm morning, with an expected top temperature of some 33 deg. C.  Twenty riders had gathered plus one very cute, very young child safely strapped into a bike trailer attached to her young dad’s bike.  He was new to the Barwon River ride.  I noted that both of them had thoroughly enjoyed the ride, which was at a reasonable pace.

It was great to see, yet again, new, young people joining and enjoying our ride.

We learnt that the Rowing Regatta was on again and that we would need to carefully thread our way through the spectator crowds without riding over any toes.

We opted to walk through the crowded section, and by doing so, we avoided the need for a public address system announcement, for bike riders to dismount from their bikes.  All concerned had resumed their ride from the rowing sheds with no issues raised.

When we had arrived at the Barwon Edge café, the young father towing his daughter, definitely appeared to need a refreshment break and the young child was absolutely delighted. These short rides are most beneficial for both body and soul.

Editor’s comment:  Thanks Alex for leading the ride.  Your report reminds us of the enjoyment of riding with friends for leisure.

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