Full Moon Ride: Monday 1st January 2018

Thanks so much to Tina (ride leader) for leading this splendid ride and for this report.

Massed moon riders at Point Lonsdale Ripview carpark.

We met at Ripview car park Point Lonsdale. There was a great response to the invite for the first full moon ride of the year on the eve of New Years Day.  33 riders, 1 tandem and 3 fat bikes.  The riders on their fat bikes cycled along the sandy beach. We cycled along the main street of Point Lonsdale  then along the foreshore, crossed the road then down the rail trail into Queenscliff. We rested and had tea on the gree across from the fish and chip shop where most people bought their meal. After eating we regrouped and cycled to Queenscliff Ripview car park at the end of Hesse St.

One of the highlights for me was to see the long line of cyclists circling the car park with their lights on. We returned the same way we came. Part way along the foreshore the full moon was already  risen and at our rear. I took a wrong turn and cycled into a path designated for walkers only.  This part of the ride was a challenge for some.  For others it was enjoyable evidenced  by the looks on their faces as they emerged at the end of the trail and into the car park.  To finish the night off I played Blue Moon on the ukulele accompanied by some willing singers and percussionists.

Thanks Tina, Robert and all our friendly bike riders.


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