Skipton-Ballarat via Rail Trail: Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Thanks to Peter Smith for this ride report.

Ride Leaders – Peter & Swee Smith

At the start – Skipton (Swee behind camera)

This ride turned into Skipton to Ballarat since the winds for the day were forecast as westerly at 30kph.  That meant we need to organize cars and the club trailer to get everybody back to Skipton.

We left Skipton at 8.30am – 9 of us – Peter, Swee, Stella, Geoff and Steph, Ian Campbell, Bill Trengrove, George Belcher and his son William.  Swee (with the club trailer) and William were the support vehicles to Linton, then Swee on to Smythesdale; Peter was support driver from Smythesdale to Ballarat.

Stella, Geoff and Steph returned to Skipton from Linton for an assortment of reasons, and the rest of us continued to Ballarat, only needing one vehicle then since there were only six of us.

It was a great ride, no incidents.  The track is good from Skipton to Linton and excellent from Linton to Ballarat.

Along the trail

We had coffee in Linton and lunch in Smythesdale.

The ride is 52km.

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