Barwon River Circuit: Saturday 23rd December 2017

Thirty-five cyclists rode the circuit on Saturday – including Santa, who had given the reindeer the day off, and was also astride a red and white bicycle.

Santa’s favourite cycling tipple is H2O.

Geoff reminded the group to stay at least a metre behind cyclists in front, and to signal if stopping or slowing.  This is now working well, with most riders also remembering to dismount before walking up the path to coffee. With such a large group, there were soon large gaps between several smaller groups, leaving lots of room for other path users.

The river path mostly quiet, except for ‘rest stops’ when Santa produced cyclist-oriented Christmas carols and led the group in ‘The 12 Days of Christmas” (thanks, Tina for the words). Other path users were surprised and delighted to see Santa ‘Ho, ho, Ho-ing!’ as he pedalled along.


Barwon Edge were, as usual, welcoming, and made room for the very large party despite being very busy.

Santa gave out presents, and Tina our membership elf, gave candy canes!  Thanks to Santa and Tina, all our wonderful Saturday ride leaders, tail-enders and our friendly cyclists who make this ride such a popular event.  Today’s river ride was the largest group for the year (so far). 



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