More Book Reviews from Coralie

The wooden bicycle around the world

By Kiriakos Iosifidis

Images: Melbourne, Victoria, 2017

Bicycles built from wood – some entirely, some have parts made of wood (we’ve all sat on a seat which feels like wood) or bamboo. Splendid photography. And great names for the bike companies – Woody, Bentwood, Ligneous, Beams, Sylvan, etc.  I’ve seen a number of wooden bikes overseas – on the road and in museums. The book shows how wood – still used in bikes in the 1950s – and bamboo are being developed as durable, user friendly and aesthetically appealing bicycle materials (I’m yet to be convinced about the user friendliness of wooden seats).

Photos taken by Coralie

The pain-free cyclist: conquer injury & find your cycling nirvana.

By Matt Rabin & Robert Hicks

London: Bloomsbury Sport, 2015.

Prevention : treatment : rehab.

What do you do if you get injured? Rest? Continue to ride? This book addresses these questions as there is a need to avoid further complications and further injuries. The book is divided in to four sections: preparation, injuries, rehab and ailments. Yes, there’s plenty of information on hips.

Bicycling maximum overload for cyclists: a radical strength-based program for improved speed and endurance in half the time

Jacques DeVore and Roy M. Wallack

Rodale: New York, 2017

A training program aimed at increasing ‘cycling speed, athletic longevity and over-all health’ in half the training time. Instead of improving endurance by riding longer distances, the authors teach how to do it by reducing riding time while adding heavy strength and power training. The authors claim that a 40 minute workout once or twice a week can replace a long day in the saddle and lead to better results.


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