Ride to Work Day – at Barwon Health

Four Cycling Geelong riders were among the good turn out of riders riding to work at Barwon Health on Ride to Work Day last Wednesday.  They were Karen Anderson (workplace coordinator for RTW Day), Tina Gordon, Bernie Hyland and Charlotte Stace.

Well done, Karen for organising such a successful ride.  It’s clear from the photos that everyone who rode arrived at work energised and happy.  Karen also organised a healthy breakfast to keep the cyclists going all day.

Karen reports a broken spoke had her calling a sag wagon (our trusty Honorary Member, Nick) part way home.  Undaunted, Karen was back on the bike this morning, cycling to join the river ride – on her mountain bike.

There was a notable increase in cyclists riding in Geelong on Wednesday morning.  Let’s hope that at least some of these cyclists take the opportunity to cycle to work on a regular basis from now on.  (Bendigo recently ran a successful campaign urging commuters to leave the car at home at least one day a week.)

The only negative for the day was City of Greater Geelong’s lack of support for the event.  For Geelong to really be a cycling city, our Council needs to get on board Ride to Work Day, as it did in the past when the Council sponsored a breakfast in the city centre, and subsidised breakfasts at work places.



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