Book Reviews from Coralie

The Cyclist’s bucket list: a celebration of 75 quintessential cycling experiences

by Ian Dille.  Rodale: New York, 2015.

An exploration of the world’s most interesting bike rides. While the types of rides vary from urban to remote, easy to difficult to racing, the locations are mainly Europe and North America, while there are three in the United Kingdom and two in Australia, one in Africa. Good photography and a taste of wonder. Overseas cycling holiday anyone?

Cyclogeography: journeys of a London bicycle Courier

by Jon Day.   Honiton, Devon: Notting Hill, 2015.

A relatively short book, the author thinks about the way bicycles connect people and places, specifically being a bicycle courier taking him around London. An essay about the bicycle in the cultural imagination and a portrait of London written from the saddle. Ever cycled in London? New sights and interests await in this fine book.

Roads were not built for cars: how cyclists were the first to push for good roads & became the pioneers of motoring

 by Carlton Reid  Washington [DC]: Island, 2015.

The role of bicycles in the development of roads is one that we are unlikely to have considered, especially with the prevailing ethos ‘cars rule, OK’. But roads were needed first by cyclists, and this beautifully illustrated book shows the shared history of vehicle used in the development of roads.

All these books are available from the Geelong Regional Library.


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