Garden Delights: Sunday August 20th 2017

Joy and Rosemary led an all-female tour of gardens in Grovedale on a sparkling morning.  The group was Joy, Rosemary, Colleen, Margy, Tricia, Brigid, Helen, Cat, Deb and Kaitlyn.  The ride began at the Grovedale Community Garden, where after a browse, Silvana Benacchio, one of the community gardeners,  talked about how the garden operates and led a brief tour.   The morning was cold and the only other  activity in the garden was a couple harvesting greens for Sunday lunch.

The tour then moved to Joy’s beautiful home garden less than a kilometre away.  Plants are in profusion:  Joy is especially proud of her many different camellias.

As well as a profusion of herbs, vegetables and fruit trees, Joy also has some beautiful orchids blooming despite the cold winter.

There is colour everywhere in Joy’s beautiful garden. 

We had a reminder of how important it is to be vigilant on the bike.  While negotiating the roundabout on the corner of Pioneer Road and Burdoo Drive, Joy’s wheel hit the curb, and she fell to the ground very heavily.  As both her knees were extremely painful and she was feeling very shocked and faint, and ambulance was called.  As luck would have it, Heather was on hand, with chair and blanket at the ready.  Joy was able to sit reasonably comfortably while the group waited for the paramedics arrival.  After being checked out, and knees x-rayed and scanned at Epworth Hospital, Joy was sent home later in the day.  There is no lasting damage.  She’s now feeling much better and we hope to see her back on her bike very soon.

The third garden was near Waurn Ponds Creek.  This garden belongs to Leesa Herrera and features some most interesting sustainable horticultural practices, including the use of hay bales as both the framework for a garden patch, and also as gardening medium themselves.  Seeds are also harvested for replanting, and Leesa gave each cyclists an okra seed for their own gardens.  There were also many beautiful fruit trees, including some in the front garden.  Fruit theft has been a problem – too tempting perhaps, for passers by.

Joy’s accident curtailed the ride somewhat, so, after visiting the third garden, the decision was made to head for coffee to Sandstone Cafe, for refreshments in their outside area.

The coffee was good, and the company, as usual, delightful and we all wish Joy well for a very speedy recovery.

Thanks to Rosemary and Joy our ride leaders and organisers, and also to Heather, whose support with our follow-up vehicle was invaluable.

See you on next year’s Garden Delights ride.

Feature image is orchid buds in Joy’s garden.



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