A windy ride to Lara: Sunday July 30th, 2017

It’s been windy the last couple of days with ‘surf’ on Corio Bay, and tree branches down all over!  A northerly wind was predicted, to turn westerly ‘around the middle of the day’.  A short ride to Lara seemed a safe bet.

From the first, it was clear that even at 8.30am, the wind was clearly from the west!  As the deadline approached, and no riders appeared, would I ride anyway, or throw in the towel and go to a movie in Melbourne instead?  The decision didn’t need to be taken as a solitary rider appeared on Bell Parade.

The two of us, Brigid and I (Helen) pedaled north along Corio Bay and over Hovells Creek to Lara.  An early coffee break at X-presso was most welcome.  The return deviated a little from the original plan, reducing the amount of time riding directly into the gale-force wind.  Forest Road still has no sealed shoulders on the busy section between Canterbury Road and the rail crossing, but motorists were pretty courteous this morning, as we battled the cross wind.  The Heales Road section was slow, but, once Ted Wilson Trail was reached, there was some protection from noise barriers as we wended our way back towards Church Street.


The wind had got the better of this porta-loo at Matthews Road.

The Ted Wilson Trail was very quiet.  There was only one pedestrian in the whole distance to Church Street and beyond.  This is usually a very popular path with cyclists – but there were none to be seen anywhere!

I’d forgotten it’s National ‘Plant a Tree’ day.*  A bevy of wonderful volunteers were busy along the path near Drysdale Street.  Thanks to these people we’ll watch this section of native plants as they develop over the next weeks and years, bringing with them native birds.

For the final 5 kilometres down Church Street, it was a most welcome tail wind.  Though a short ride, it was most enjoyable and a good chance to chat on safe bike paths.  Thanks Brigid for sharing the ride.

Brigid – Ted Wilson Trail

Ride Map

As I rode home I spotted one other cyclist – Rolf from GTC returning home along Balmoral Crescent.

A little later, I also spotted our president, John, riding along Douro Street in North Geelong.  So it wasn’t only women who were cycling today!

*Listen to 94.7 The Pulse FM next Saturday at 11am to hear how Heather got on on the opening of one of the paths along Kororoit Creek – another event on National Tree Day.


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