Book Reviews from Coralie

Coralie has been reading avidly.  Here are a few quick reviews of cycling books.  The good thing is, these are all available from Geelong Regional Library.

Reviewed by Coralie Jenkin

Mountain High: Europe’s greatest cycle climbs


by Daniel Friebe and Pete Goding.

A beautiful coffee table books with the details of mountain climbs – photographs, history, and practical details for those who want to cycle them. Such as maximum gradient 23%.  There are maps and diagrams, details of length, gradient, where to find refreshments, etc. The photographs are stunning. The book will appeal to those who enjoy watching cycling races to see the scenery, as well as those who long to tackle the big ones.

Cycle touring in Ireland

by Tom Cooper.

I’d like to cycle overseas again, I’ve heard that Ireland is a wonderful place for cycling. So I borrowed Cycle touring in Ireland‘, a Cicerone Guide. Published in 2010, updated in 2011, it provides information for the cycle tourer in Ireland, a ‘cyclist’s paradise – quiet roads, winding along spectacular coastline, through tiny villages, over mountain passes and past countless historic sites’. There is plenty of route information as well as photographs to whet your appetite.

Bike mechanic: how to be an ace bike mechanic

by Paul Mason.

The subtitle is misleading: this little book, an ‘Instant Expert’ guide, shows in words and pictures how to carry out small bicycle maintenance jobs. Practical, step-by-step instructions, which look easy. Such as cleaning chains and gears, fitting new disc brake pads, and bike cleaning.

Cycling Science: how rider and machine work together

by Max Glaskin.

I found this cycling book surprisingly easy to read – given the title – the author discusses such subjects as the most efficient bicycle design, rider input forces which affect cornering, the environmental impact of cycling, and the aerodynamic implications of various seating positions. The book is well designed so that each question is discussed separately with diagrams and statistics. Well worth dipping in to.

Thanks Coralie.

Keep your eyes open each week for more of Coralie’s book reviews.

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