Barwon River Circuit: Saturday 8th July, 2017

Doug Merritt led this week’s Barwon River circuit.  Lynton was once again tail-end-Charlie.

Despite a cold, windy morning, and some drizzle, there were 15 cyclists.  Doug stopped the group at Queen’s Park, and asked everyone to gather closely as he had a story to tell.

It was a tale of woe – a cascade of problems, all stemming from a broken zipper on a bike rain jacket.  This led to the purchase of several new bike tops, which all had various problems – of zipper stick, sizing etc.  A trip to Melbourne with bike in tow took Doug around the Bay path to Black Rock, before rushing back to the city.  On the way, he encountered the congestion along St Kilda Road for the new Metro tunnel works, and finally reached his destination (with broken chain from all that rushing), only to find he was too late – the bike shop was closed for the day.  RACV Bike Assist came to the rescue (after one false alarm when a normal cab was sent instead of a maxi-cab to take bike and rider) and Doug finally made it back to Southern Cross.  By this time, a flat tyre had caused the whole front tyre to part from the bike.  At South Geelong Bike Assist came to Doug’s aid again to take him home.  And the jacket?  He finally obtained the one he wanted at a shop in Geelong!

As Barwon Edge was closed for a function, Doug led the cyclists to Cafe Fyan at Fyansford.

Thanks Doug, Lynton and all those who once again made the river ride such an enjoyable event.

Doug has a new bike top for sale – going cheap!

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