Geelong Tour – Joint Ride with Geelong Touring Cyclists: Sunday 11th June, 2017

Thanks to Peter O’Brien, ride leader, for this report and to John Hagan for the photos.

Loop of Geelong led by Peter O’Brien on Sunday 11.6.17
It was freezing cold this morning when David I, Chris Hume, John H, Geoff, Heather, Harry, Mike, David Simpson (Geelong Cycling) and I headed off on a scenic tour around Geelong.  We left the South Geelong Railway Station and pedalled to the beach front taking in the fabulous views of Corio Bay. We rode to St Georges Road, North Shore, then along Cox Road up the Ted Wilson Trail entrance on Anakie Road.  David I left us at this point and continued up the Anakie hill – we were later to find out he then went straight home for breakfast.  We rode along the trail to Church Street, then down to Minerva Road for a coffee stop at the Soft Cafe.

After the break we rode to Queens Park Road.  This time we adhered to the road rules and crossed the bridge on the walking-cycling section rather than the actual road crossing.  The ride up and down Scenic Road provided great views of Geelong.  With the hills conquered, we pedalled our way through Wandana Heights onto a bike path through to Pigdons Road.  We weaved our way down to another bike path just past the Colac Ring Road roundabout.  At this point Chris departed to head to Moriac as he wanted to get some extra kilometres under his belt.  The rest of us proceeded to Baanip Boulevard and then meandered our way back to Geelong.

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