Barwon River Circuit: Saturday March 18, 2017

By the time the anti-clockwise circuit was half over, there were around 27 cyclists negotiating the heavy traffic around the Barwon River Circuit, led by Maree with Bill bringing up the rear.  It was girls’ Head of the River so both sides of the river near the rowing circuit were very busy, compounded by large numbers of ‘coaching’ cyclists following the boats much more than the path, and groups of giggling girls walking at will -across, along and stopping on the path.  A sense of elation, excitement and competition abounded.  Maree took the group on a “fast” detour of the criterium track.   Some of us reached speeds of well over 20kph but were quickly put in our rightful place by the training cyclists overtaking at possibly double that speed.

Returning to the river path, it was pleasant to be downstream of the traffic and tittering.  As our usual watering hole was closed for a function, Little Creatures proved an excellent choice for the large group (thanks, Karen, for the Facebook post – I’ve been harassed already by my sister intimating I have an alcohol problem visiting a brewery at 10.30am).


After the stop, the group went their various ways – some avoiding the rowing course, others braving the path back to Balyang.  Thanks to Maree and Bill for organising and leading this enjoyable ride.

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