Tuckerberry Hill – Joint ride with GTC: Sunday 12th February, 2017

Pam Morrow from Geelong Touring Cyclists led 12 cyclists on a ride which proved quite difficult due to both terrain and weather.


With a tail wind, the group set off strongly, regrouping several times before Drysdale. Unfortunately, the surface of Murradoc Road is very bumpy – made worse by screenings from driveways and the occasional pothole.  However, despite a couple of people resorting to two foot gear, everyone reached Tuckerberry Hill safely.  The current cafe is al  fresco, due to a fire around 18 months ago, but the plan is to rebuild the cafe during 2017.  Coffee and other refreshments were most welcome, as was the pause to rest wearying legs.  Blueberries are in season, so several people chose blueberry studded cake and one, the delicious blueberry milkshake made with crushed blueberries.

The downhill to Portarlington-Queenscliff Road was equally rough, and the sealed shoulder narrow so, rather than enjoying the free wheel ride, constant care was needed.  The turn south towards Swan Bay was directly into a head wind and Pam did the hard work at the front of the group all the way to Swan Bay Road, where once again regrouping was needed.  This wind proved trying for the entire return ride.  Shane’s blowout near Leopold showed the efficacy of a Lexyne $5 temporary patch kit – the tyre boot cured the bulge and Shane was able to ride home at normal pace despite the ruined tyre.

Riders from GTC were Pam, Rolf, Mike C (who’s a member of both clubs), Chris, John H, and Lyn, and from Cycling Geelong – Doug, Shane, Barbara, Dirk, John M and Helen.

Thanks to Pam for leading the ride so admirably, and to Doug for supporting the group as tail ender.  Thanks also to John H for his photographs.  Congratulations especially to Barbara who accomplished this difficult ride successfully on her new road bike.

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