Are you the average bike rider?

131020-otb-5-bunch-near-bannockburn-webA study of data from a Bicycle Network cycling ap shows that the average Melbourne cyclist is male and middle aged.  His rides are usually less than 60 minutes.  Today’s Age has an article summarising research undertaken at University of NSW of 1200 cyclists 2012.  Geelong does not appear to have been included in the study.  It appears that the main emphasis of the study was on commuting cyclists.

Only 15% of trips tracked were made by female cyclists.   According to the article, in bicycle friendly cities females typically make up 35% of all cyclists.  “In general, females are more sensible and less likely to cycle if there is no dedicated, well-connected infrastructure.” (Professor Chris Pettit, study author, University of NSW)

It’s well worth reading the Age article which contains a map showing cyclist commutes over a 24 hour period.

The findings of this study were presented at the Bicycle Futures Conference in Melbourne on Friday 10th February.



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