Barwon River Circuit – Saturday February 5th

Nancy led 26 riders on the clockwise circuit, with David supporting the group as back marker.  Conditions for riding were perfect, though there was congestion around the rowing sheds, due to a school girls’ regatta.  However, despite the usual number of coaching cyclists watching the water rather than the path, and wayward unleashed dogs, the ride was accomplished without incident.

Have your say

The issue of congestion and our large numbers causing a hazard has been raised with the committee.  One suggestion was, if numbers are greater than 18, to split the group into two, with one group taking the circuit in an anti-clockwise direction.  Bothe groups would then meet up for coffee at Barwin Edge as usual.

What do you think?  Is there a better solution to this ‘problem’ of success.  Add a comment to this post, or email the club or come along to Wednesday’s social gathering (6.30pm at the Shell Club, Corio) and have your say there.

Meanwhile, Dave our hard working ride coordinator, proposes that the ‘two rides’ option be tried on next weeks’ river ride (numbers permitting).  Come along and see how it works.

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